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Merlion on the phone with Lenovo

Russia: broadliner Merlion has started the distribution of Motorola-branded smartphones by Lenovo through its reseller network. Given the popularity of the Motorola brand in the country, Merlion intends to strengthen its position in the mobile telephony market and expects a turnaround in this direction in the second quarter. "This market for the leaders of the distribution industry is one of the most stable and promising. Despite all the crisis phenomena, this year it demonstrates growth both in units (9%) and in value (12%) from year to year. Trends in this segment show a significant increase in competition from vendors to the advantage, as a result, of the most famous vendors, hence Motorola, which has set trends for many years in both design and innovation technologies", says Tatyana Skokova, distribution director of the Broadband Distribution Division of Merlion.