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Exertis in the Frame for Samsung TV

United Kingdom: broadliner Exertis has inked an agreement with Samsung to market The Frame 55” Art Mode Ultra HD certified TV exclusively to B2B customers. Innovative The Frame is a new concept that when on is a TV, and when off it enhances a living space by displaying pictures from a built-in gallery of professionally curated art with over 100 pictures from 10 different genres including landscapes, action, architecture, still life, patterns, wild life and urban abstract. The Frame was developed in collaboration with Swiss designer Yves Behar and has an "Art Mode" which is seamlessly activated when the TV is not in use and can be activated when it detects movement in the room via a motion sensor. It utilises an near-invisible, transparent connection cable that pairs with the One Connect box, includes a no-gap wall mount, that sits the panel flat against the wall, and a choice of accessory Frame Bezel surrounds including walnut, beige and white that attach magnetically to the screen so that the Frame resembles real hanging art and blends seamlessly into the room. Customers can subscribe to an ever-increasing library of established and emerging artists or upload and display their own photos. Light sensors can adjust the image on the screen to optimum levels so that it blends in with the surroundings and pictures can even be updated, and changed using the Smart View mobile companion app through Wi-Fi for added convenience and interactivity.

Caroline Hope, Exertis consumer general manager, said: "we are delighted to be able to offer this innovative TV that has all the standard smart TV features and the premium picture quality that users expect from a Samsung television, yet creates a realistic illusion of a picture when not in use. Besides the free art gallery, users can add to images with a low cost monthly subscription or by making a one-off purchase. The Smart Frame will appeal to the design conscious consumer and other vertical markets like boutique style hotels."

Samsung's Art Store has a growing library of more than 300 pieces of established and emerging artists, curated by several international organizations, galleries and museums, including Artspace, LUMAS, Magnum Photos, Saatchi Art and Sedition. Users can change the image as frequently as they wish, saving photos and designs in their "My Collection" folder, which has 2GB of storage. The Frame also comes with the renowned fantastic Ultra HD certified picture quality we expect from Samsung.