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About ITdistri…
Why ? was born in March 2005. It is based on the fact that EMEA region is the most important in IT industry. But few resources are available for IT companies to successfully work there. Some database resellers focus only on top IT companies. Other sell outdated and often inaccurate data. And if others are able to sell data on most (if not all) companies, their database is not focused on distributors, and therefore not precise enough for the purpose of helping resellers and distributors buy or source any IT products or similar (home entertainment, semiconductors or electronic components are also covered) in EMEA region.
What ? thus enables you to search for distributors by country, name, region, type and kind of product and distributed brand (more than 9000 referenced). It contains totally freely available informations on more than 6500 companies (distributors, semi-distributors, broadliners, specialists, VAD, brokers and traders), from North Cape to The Cape, from Iceland to Vladivostok. 123 countries are fully covered.

Companies eligible to ITdistri must sell IT products, either new or used, to a network of resellers. This may be their only activity, or only one among others. You can add or modify your company's datasheet by sending us a mail. We will then send you the steps to follow…

Beware : most companies' datasheets give only the five main brands distributed, whereas whole catalogs can be published (already more than 1000 at present day). This evolve every day. So come back often if you don't find what you need now, or subscribe to our newsfeed !

In this newsfeed, you will find informations about all covered distributors (moving, appointments, new brands, etc.). These data is either exclusive (which means we are the first and only to write about it), or extracted from an international press review. 

PR or marketing managers : you can send us your informations or press releases on in any language.

Compared to other databases, ITdistri is the only one to be fully available in DanishDutchEnglish, French, German, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish. This means you will be able for example to consult data from a spanish distributor in German if necessary. Other (and any) languages will follow, like Czech or Swedish, with a plan to be available in all european languages. Contact pages as well at the newsfeed will be the only parts remaining in English.
For whom ? can be used by :

  • resellers who will find there new sources, for new products or simply to increase their supplier list in case of (real or provoked) shortage
  • distributors who may also find new products
  • vendors who will be able here to effectively improve their EMEA channel network

Currently, ITdistri gathers each month about 60 000 unique visitors (resellers, distributors, vendors from the whole EMEA region), who view about 300 000 pagesviews.

With whom ?
We are always looking for partners in every country for which this website may be of interest for their clients. After more than 20 years of experience in IT industry (Compaq, Borland, Software Publishing Corporation) and IT channel magazines from the main european press groups (01Net/Tests, Ziff Davis, VNU, IDG, etc.), on building offline directories and databases, we have developed a complete business model, as well as tools and services to build fully localized and customized directories, either off- or on-line. 

The quality of our database has already been acknowledged by major IT companies, like Distree (organizer of the world's biggest channel event) or several IT media company, which all work regularly with us.

So whatever your needs, please feel free to contact us for more information on how you can develop your business with ITdistri !

Note 10/10/2013: Taiwanese company Yongfeng IT (in Chinese, 永豐資訊科技, website, owner Richard Hsu) has pirated ITdistri database. The website is closed now, and the data they had in their hands was anyway totally outdated and unusable. ITdistri will continue to thoroughly check the Internet and sue any pirate…
Note 09/01/2015 : ITdistri is Charlie
Following the murders of 17 people, including 8 employees of French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo, ITdistri has decided to help the editorial board of the magazine. Using the premium code 'JESUISCHARLIE', 10% of the price of any one-month, six-month or one-year subscription will be sent as a donation to Charlie Hebdo and support for freedom of press in France. Also, as a reward for their support, the subscribers will get for free 3, 18 or 36 additional days for their subscriptions. The premium code 'JESUISCHARLIE' has an unlimited validity.

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