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ITdistri aims to help vendors expand their distribution network and resellers to find new suppliers.

All distributors are listed freely. Companies eligible to ITdistri website must have a distribution activity (whatever its weight in their global turnover), i.e. distributing products they do not build or market to resellers. Products may be new or used (brokers). Presently, only distributors need an ID and password to update (most of) their data online. All other companies may visit ITdistri website freely for time being.

Search engine and distributor data is available in many languages. All other pages are available only in English.

ITdistri newsfeed informs you about IT distributors news in whole EMEA region. It contains either press releases, press articles from channel magazines and exclusive news.

For most companies, ITdistri directory lists:

  • address,
  • website
  • phone and fax numbers
  • main contacts
  • type of distributor (broadliner, specialist, VAD, broker or trader) and up to three main specialities
  • type of resellers targeted
  • five main brands

Whenever possible, ITdistri also lists :

  • all regional sales offices
  • creation year
  • local national ID number
  • local VAT number
  • number of employees
  • number of active resellers
  • percentage of each type of resellers in total activity
  • five last available turnovers
  • percentage of distribution in global activity
  • split of activity between national, regional and export
  • percentage of PC assembly in global activity
  • percentage of own brand in global activity
  • list of all own brands with their weight in global activity
  • contact direct mail addresses (never published online – only available on demand)
  • accepted means of payment
  • value-added services
  • full offer with all distributed brands dispatched through 28 families and 396 product categories

ITdistri search engine helps you search by :

  • EMEA region and country (mandatory)
  • distributed brand or
  • name of distributor or
  • country region or
  • product family or
  • product family and category

Here are some explanations about ITdistri search results, in case you do not understand them or feel some companies are missing :

  • name of distributor : ITdistri will list all distributors matching query
  • distributed brand : ITdistri will list all distributors matching query either in their five main brands OR in their detailed offer. Distributors will not be listed if queried brand is not listed in the five main brands OR in the detailed offer (whether complete or not). WARNING : this means that brand search may be voluntarily incomplete and does not mean that ITdistri miss some distributors. To be convinced about this, just try to search a known distributor for a given brand by its name…
  • country region : ITdistri will list all distributors either originating from queried region OR owning a sales office in queried region
  • product family and/or category : ITdistri will list all broadliners AND VAD, brokers and specialists which include queried family and/or category in their detailed offer or their three main specialities

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