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EET Europarts acquires DED

United Kingdom: in what is its fifth acquisition this year and the second in this field in a few weeks after Heimdal in France, Danish multispecialist EET Europarts has taken over British POS specialist DED for an undisclosed amount. "With the acquisition of DED we are now entering into the league of the leading Pan-European distributors within the POS & Auto ID area", says Group CEO John Thomas, EET Group. "Our ambition to become one of the leading POS & Auto ID distributors in the European market before 2020 seems within reach."

With the acquisition, EET Europarts will take over a team of 22 dedicated and experienced employees from DED.

"From our acquisitions in recent years, we have the experience and know-how to carry out integration of different organizations and human teams effectively and successfully. Now 22 employees from DED will become our new colleagues, and they will be integrated into our UK-based entity, EET Europarts Ltd, headed by Managing Director Simon Smith. With this integration it is our clear target to provide our customers with an even better product portfolio, and a stronger organization to support the customers in whatever needs they may have", adds the Group CEO.

"DED has an excellent reputation in the POS & Auto-ID Card business with important main vendors and brands like i.a. Star Micronics, Evolis and Spacepole", says Simon Smith, Managing Director at EET Europarts in UK. "Furthermore, DED is well-known for its very strong sales and technical support team, providing customers the specialist knowledge and support needed, in order to supply them with the correct solution. The acquisition of DED will strengthen the basic offer for our existing customers, as well as for our new DED customers, being able to benefit from the advantages of EET Europarts' e-trade platform, our state-of-the-art logistics set-up, and all of our interesting business areas providing new business opportunities to their customers.".

EET Europarts acquires Heimdal

France: multispecialist EET Europarts has acquired POS specialist Heimdal Distribution for an undisclosed amount. The company is a focused Zebra distributor and specialized in equipment dedicated to mobile automatic identification and logistics. John Thomas, Group CEO at EET Group, says: "acquisitions are an important part of our overall growth strategy, and a contributing factor to our successful growth of the POS & Auto-ID business. During the last couple of years, we have grown the business substantially, both organic as well as through acquisitions. Our ambition is to become one of the leading distributors within POS & Auto-ID in Europe before 2020, and this acquisition is one more step in that direction. The acquisition of Heimdal Distribution will add new competences, products and brands to our portfolio. Zebra is an important brand that will strengthen our proposition to the customers. Furthermore, and equally important, this acquisition will bring even more skilled and specialized employees into our organization and strengthen our value-added services to the customers."

As part of the acquisition, EET Europarts will take over a team of experienced employees from Heimdal Distribution. Furthermore, the Managing Director at Heimdal Distribution, Fabrice Fanget, will join EET Europarts as new Business Development Manager, POS & Auto-ID France. Fabrice Fanget says: "I am really impressed by EET Europarts´ business model. The company has succeeded in building a strong product and brand portfolio, that supports both the wide customer segment as well as niche customers. EET Europarts is an acknowledged One-stop-Shop distributor, and this is really an impressive accomplishment. In my new role, as Business Development Manager for the POS & Auto-ID team at EET Europarts France, I look very much forward to bringing our long-time experience from Heimdal Distribution further, and being able to offer our customers the advantages of both EET Europarts' One-stop-Shop assortment and its e-trade platform, as well as its state-of-the-art logistics set-up."

EET Europarts is continuously on the lookout for companies that show interest in being acquired. Currently several companies are in the pipeline. John Thomas says: "Historically we have been very successful in performing acquisitions. We have clearly demonstrated that we are able to develop and grow the acquired business activities significantly with our expertise, our business model and our wide distribution network throughout Europe and Africa. Therefore, acquisitions are continuously an important part of our growth strategy, and we are always on the lookout for new acquisition opportunities. We expect to complete more acquisitions in near future."

EET Europarts strengthens Pro-AV business with new acquisition

Ireland: AV specialist Fusion Technologies has been acquired by Danish multispecialist EET Europarts for an undisclosed amount. "Fusion Technologies has a very strong position in the Irish market, distributing quality products to professional AV customers. It is a perfect match for us to grow the Pro-AV & Digital Signage business area further", says John Thomas, CEO at EET Group. "Also I am very pleased to announce that Managing Director, Damien Brennan, from Fusion Technologies, will take on the lead role as Managing Director at our newly established entity EET Europarts Ireland, and he will bring along a handful of highly skilled employees from Fusion Technologies as well."

Managing director at Fusion Technologies, Damien Brennan, is very pleased with the acquisition: "EET Europarts has been growing its Pro-AV & Digital Signage business strongly and very efficiently in recent years, and I look forward to become part of such a successful company. Also, I strongly believe that the impact of EET Europarts' unique and effective distribution model, in combination with the products, know-how and competences we bring on from Fusion Technologies, will help grow the Pro-AV & Digital Signage business further."

EET Europarts is continuously on the lookout for companies that show interest in being acquired. Currently several companies are in the pipeline. "Acquisitions are an important part of our growth strategy, and a contributing factor to our successful expansion in recent years. We have the experience and know-how to carry out integration of different organizations and human teams effectively and successfully, and always with the clear target of providing our customers with an even better product portfolio, and a stronger organization to support the customers in whatever needs they may have. We will continue our expansion strategy, and we keep our doors open to new companies who are interested in joining our group. Currently we are in contact with several potential candidates", says John Thomas, CEO at EET Group.

EET Group appoints Søren Drewsen as new CEO

Pan-European, Denmark-based broadliner and sparepart specialist EET Group has appointed Søren Drewsen as new CEO. Søren Drewsen succeeds CEO John Thomas, who after 20 years with the company, has decided to step down to spend more time with his family. John Thomas will join the Board of Directors of EET Group, and will remain a shareholder along with majority owner FSN Capital. Bo Rygaard, chairman of the Board of Directors, said: "John Thomas informed me about his decision quite some time ago. Although I regret his decision, I fully respect it, and I am at the same time pleased that John Thomas will join the Board of Directors, and in that role secure a smooth transition to the new CEO. I want to thank John Thomas for his significant and invaluable contributions to the company for so many years. John Thomas has been instrumental in making EET Group a leading European technology distributor."

John Thomas said: "it has been a very difficult decision. EET Group has been on my mind 24/7 for the past 20 years. With the right successor in place, however, it is now time for me scale down and spend more time with my family. I am very grateful for the time I have spent with EET Group and proud of the results we have achieved, including strong financials, a great organisation, more than 40 acquisitions and a number of awards from customers and vendors."

To continue the successful journey of EET Group, the Board of Directors and the existing CEO have after a diligent process appointed Søren Drewsen, 51, who holds a Master of Science and Bachelor degrees in both Marketing and Organization from Copenhagen Business School. He joins EET Group from a position as Vice President and Group Managing Director and head of North Europe at Icopal/BMI Group.

Bo Rygaard, chairman of the Board of Directors, said: "Søren Drewsen has comprehensive executive management experience from different ownership structures in multinational operations and industries, and I'm confident that Søren Drewsen is the right profile to execute on our strategy of becoming the market leader within each of our seven defined business areas on a pan-European scale."

Søren Drewsen concluded: "I am extremely impressed with the development EET Group has been through in the past 15 years, and I am very excited to join the company. I'm looking forward to take EET Group into the next growth phase and deliver on the agreed strategy."

APG Cash Drawer partners with EET Europarts for strengthened global distribution strategy

APG Cash Drawer, a fast-growing global manufacturer of cash management solutions, has unveiled a new European distribution relationship with multispecialist EET Europarts. The new partnership extends APG(s reach across EMEA matching the increased consumer demand within the competitive POS marketplace. Through this new alliance, EET Europarts' resellers and ISV's will be able to start ordering APG's products which integrate seamlessly with EET Europarts' partners product offering for POS peripherals, mobility and technology solutions. The new relationship signifies a unified mission to quickly deliver the latest cash drawer technology to retailers within grocery, hospitality, QSR and businesses worldwide.

"APG Cash Drawer is committed to our customers worldwide", stated Andrew Carr, European Managing Director at APG. "The POS ecosystem is evolving and it’s important for us to have expanded partner reach across EMEA. Our partnership with EET Europarts will play a pivotal role in supporting our vision to globally enhance efficiency and security at the point of sale. We’re driven to deploy new technologies to Europe and beyond -- to do that, we need partners who can deliver product quickly through distribution channel relationships."

"We are really proud of having this new partnership with APG", says Richard Gregoire, EMEA Director, POS & Auto-ID at EET Group. "We believe APG is the leader in the cash drawer market, and this strengthened relationship confirms our commitment to meet the growing demands of our resellers and ISVs to have access to the full range of the best offer. Also, the partnership confirms our strategy to expand our POS offering all over the EMEA region, and develop our existing POS product portfolio to continue to build a value-added POS solution for our customers."

APG Cash Drawer products are available through EET Europarts offices in Austria, Belgium, Czechia, Denmark, Egypt, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Romania, Russia, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Ukraine and the United Kingdom.


EET Europarts Ltd

EET Europarts Ltd
Anamax House
Oxford Road
SL9 7BB Gerrards Cross
United Kingdom
Phone : +44 (0)1753 890 088
Fax : +44 (0)870 766 9044
Website :
E-mail :


General manager : Mr Simon Smith (*** ****** ********* *)
Sales director : Mr Sunil Bouri (*** ****** ********* *)


Creation year : 1975
Company registration number : 06353017
VAT number : GB 916 9986 59
Annual turnover
2010 : 4,77 M€
2009 : 3,72 M€
Indirect turnover : 100%
National/regional/export split : 84/0/16
Specialist : Original spare parts
Main brands : Epson, HP Inc., Lenovo, Lexmark, Synology
Clients : Associations, central purchasing companies, dealers, maintenance companies, outlets, service providers, specialized resellers, VAR
Employees : 27 people


19" accessories, bays and racks
APC by Schneider Electric, Supermicro
Batteries for cordless phones
Batteries for digital camcorders
Batteries for digital cameras
MicroUpgrade, Olympus, Verbatim
Batteries for mobile phones
IGo (Adapt Mobile), MicroUpgrade
Batteries for others kind of materials
APC by Schneider Electric, CasePower, Garmin, Honeywell (Intermec), MicroUpgrade, Nextbase, Veho, Verbatim
Batteries for portable PCs
Honeywell (Intermec), iGo (Adapt Mobile), MicroUpgrade, Sweex
Battery chargers
EStuff, Honeywell (Intermec), Iogear, Kensington, MicroUpgrade, Port Designs, Sweex, Targus
Carry cases
Aiaiai, Celly, eStuff, Everki, Freecom, Garmin, Honeywell (Intermec), Kensington, Knomo, Krusell, Lowepro, Nextbase, Port Designs, Revoltec, Samsonite, Sweex, Targus, Trunk, Tucano, Umates, Walk on Water, XtremeMac
Dictation and notetaking
Firewire cases
MicroUpgrade, Verbatim
Headphones and microphones
Aiaiai, Arctic Cooling, Beyer Dynamic, eStuff, Iogear, Jabra, Motörheadphönes, Nextbase, Olympus, Plantronics, Playfect, Sweex, Veho, Verbatim, XtremeMac
Media storage
MicroUpgrade, Targus, Verbatim
Port Designs, Revoltec
Projector screens
Elite Screens, SMS (Smart Media Solutions)
S-ATA cases
Iogear, Revoltec
Screen filters
3M, Kensington, Port Designs, Targus
SCSI cases
USB & Firewire cases
MicroUpgrade, Revoltec
USB cases
Iogear, Kensington, MicroUpgrade, Revoltec, Verbatim

Cabling and connectivity
A/V mounts and brackets
Edbak, Ergonomic Solutions, NewStar, SMS (Smart Media Solutions)
Adder Technology
Antennas and cables
Edimax, Honeywell (Intermec), Maximum, Ovislink AirLive, Sweex, Ubiquiti Networks
AV cables and connectivity
EStuff, Maximum, MicroUpgrade, MicroView, NewStar, Veho, VivoLink, XtremeMac
Docking stations and port replicators
HP Inc., Kensington, Lenovo, Port Designs, Targus, Toshiba, XtremeMac
Firewire cables and connectivity
Iogear, MicroUpgrade, Sweex
IDE and S-ATA cables and connectivity
Cougar, MicroUpgrade
ST Lab
Adder Technology, APC by Schneider Electric, Edimax, Iogear, Netbotz, NewStar, Ovislink AirLive
Network cables and connectivity
Edimax, eStuff, Honeywell (Intermec), Iogear, MicroUpgrade, Netbotz, Ovislink AirLive, Sweex, Veracity
Optical cables and connectivity
Edimax, eStuff, MicroUpgrade
Parallel cables and connectivity
Adder Technology, Honeywell (Intermec), Iogear, MicroUpgrade
Peripherals cables and connectivity
Iogear, MicroUpgrade
Phone cables and connectivity
Iogear, MicroUpgrade, Targus
Power cables and connectivity
Adder Technology, APC by Schneider Electric, Connecting Dreams, Cougar, eStuff, iGo (Adapt Mobile), Kensington, Savepower, Targus, Veho
SCSI cables and connectivity
Serial cables and connectivity
Adder Technology, Honeywell (Intermec), Iogear, MicroUpgrade, VivoLink
Specific cables and connectivity
EStuff, Garmin, Honeywell (Intermec), Matrox, MicroUpgrade, XtremeMac
Thunderbolt cables and connectivity
USB cables and connectivity
Adder Technology, eStuff, Iogear, Lycom, MicroUpgrade, Playfect, Sweex, Targus, Verbatim, VivoLink
VGA, DVI and HDMI cables and connectivity
Datapath, eStuff, Iogear, Matrox, MicroUpgrade, VivoLink, XtremeMac

Computer components
Bulk controllers
Lycom, ST Lab
ADATA Technology, MicroUpgrade
Bulk hard disks
Fujitsu, HGST, Samsung, Seagate, Toshiba, Western Digital
ADATA Technology, MicroUpgrade
Fans and cooling kits
Arctic Cooling, Intel, Revoltec
Graphic cards
Datapath, Gigabyte, Matrox, MSI, Palit, VTX3D
Asrock, Gigabyte, Supermicro
PC cases
AOpen, Arctic Cooling, Cougar, Revoltec, Supermicro, Sweex
Power supplies
Arctic Cooling, Chill Innovation, Cougar, MicroUpgrade, Shuttle
Sound cards
Revoltec, Sweex

Barebone PCs
Shuttle, Supermicro
Other servers
Shuttle, Supermicro, Veho
Portable PCs
Gigabyte, Veho
X86 servers (32 and 64 bits)
Lenovo, Shuttle, Supermicro
X86 workstations (32 and 64 bits)

Digital photography
Digital cameras
Olympus, Sweex
Digital photography accessories
Lowepro, MicroUpgrade, Olympus, Port Designs, Samsonite, Targus

Electric protection
Electric protection accessories
APC by Schneider Electric, PowerWalker, Sweex
Line-interactive UPS
APC by Schneider Electric, PowerWalker, Sweex
Off-line UPS
APC by Schneider Electric, PowerWalker, Sweex
On-line UPS
APC by Schneider Electric, PowerWalker
Surge protectors
APC by Schneider Electric, PowerWalker, Sweex
UPS management software
APC by Schneider Electric, PowerWalker
UPS network adapters
APC by Schneider Electric, PowerWalker

Game accessories
Electric Spin, Exspect, Ion Audio, Playfect, Revoltec, Sweex
Game joysticks
Playfect, Sweex
Gaming consoles
Arctic Cooling

Home entertainment and consumer electronics
Digital camcorders
IDevices, JVC, Veho
Digital frames
Hauppauge, Nextbase, Port Designs, Sweex, Veho
Embedded audio and video
JVC, Nextbase, Pioneer
Home digital and DVD recorders
Home DVD/DiVX players
Freecom, Pioneer, Western Digital
Home portable projectors (from 3 to 6 kg)
Home theatre systems
Home ultra-portable projectors (less than 3 kg)
LCD televisions
LED lamps
Thomson Lighting
Lifestyle products
Friday Lab, Kelvin, Sling Media, Veho, WeGrill
MP3 players
ADATA Technology, Geil, Sweex, Veho, Verbatim
Portable DVD/DiVX/MP4 players
Nextbase, Sweex, Veho, Western Digital
Remote controls
Kensington, Sweex, Targus
IHome (SDI Technologies), Ion Audio, JVC, Libratone, Loewe, Logitech, Palo Alto Audio Design, Pioneer, PodSpeakers, Pure Acoustics, Scandyna, SoundFreaq (Twine), Sweex, Targus, Veho, Vifa, VivoLink, XtremeMac
Standalone radio/TV/DVB-T and DVB-S tuners
Freecom, Maximum, Pure Acoustics, Sling Media, Sonoro, Sweex

Industrial computing
Embedded electronics
Honeywell (Intermec)
Industrial computing peripherals
Honeywell (Intermec), Western Digital
Industrial PCs and servers

Packaged DIMM DDR
ADATA Technology, Geil, MicroUpgrade
Packaged DIMM DDR2
ADATA Technology, Geil, MicroUpgrade
Packaged DIMM DDR3
ADATA Technology, Geil
Packaged DIMM SDR
ADATA Technology, Geil, MicroUpgrade
Packaged EDO
Packaged Rambus
ADATA Technology, Geil, MicroUpgrade
Packaged SODIMM DDR2
ADATA Technology, Geil
Packaged SODIMM DDR3
ADATA Technology, Geil
ADATA Technology, Geil, MicroUpgrade
Packaged specific memories
ADATA Technology, MicroUpgrade

GPS hardware and software
Cipherlab, Garmin, Holux, Honeywell (Intermec), iGo (Adapt Mobile)
Mobility accessories
Aiaiai, Airtame, Chill Innovation, Cipherlab, Covertec, eStuff, Honeywell (Intermec), iGo (Adapt Mobile), Kensington, Krusell, MicroUpgrade, muvit, Nextbase, Port Designs, Targus
Mobility software
Bullguard, Honeywell (Intermec)
Tablets and PDA
Cipherlab, Gigabyte, Honeywell, Honeywell (Intermec), Lenovo, Opticon, Point of View, Sweex

Music and sound processing
Other music and sound processing hardware
Ion Audio, Scandyna

Analog modems
Ovislink AirLive, Sweex
Audio and video servers
AOpen, Artec Technologies, Asoni Communications, EverFocus, MicroView, Milestone Systems, Ovislink AirLive
Bridges, gateways and routers
Cisco, Edimax, Ovislink AirLive, Sweex, Ubiquiti Networks
DSL modems
Edimax, Ovislink AirLive, Sweex
IP cameras
Asoni Communications, Canon, Edimax, IQinvision, MicroView, Mobotix, Netbotz, Ovislink AirLive, Pelco by Schneider Electric
ISDN adapters
Edimax, Ovislink AirLive, Sweex
Management and supervision software and hardware
Asoni Communications, Milestone Systems, Netbotz, Ubiquiti Networks
Network adapters
Edimax, Ovislink AirLive, Supermicro, Sweex
Peripherals servers
Edimax, Iogear
Powerline communications
Edimax, Iogear, Maximum, Ovislink AirLive, Sweex, Western Digital
Print servers
Edimax, Iogear, Ovislink AirLive, Sweex
Serial servers
Ovislink AirLive
Cisco, Edimax, Ovislink AirLive, Sweex
Transceivers and repeaters
Edimax, MicroOptics, Ovislink AirLive
Wireless access points
Edimax, Ovislink AirLive, Sweex, Ubiquiti Networks
Wireless network adapters
Edimax, Honeywell (Intermec), Iogear, Ovislink AirLive, Sweex, Ubiquiti Networks

Original spare parts
Original spare parts
Acer, Apple, ASUS, Brother, Canon, Compaq, Dascom-Tally, Dell Technologies, Digital, Epson, Fujitsu Technology Solutions, Hitachi, HPE, IBM, JVC, Kodak, Konica-Minolta, Kyocera, Lenovo, Lexmark, LG, MicroScreen, NEC, OKI, Oracle, Packard-Bell, Panasonic, Philips, Printronix (TallyGenicom), Ricoh, Samsung, Siemens, Sony, Toshiba, Xerox

Bluetooth adapters
Edimax, eStuff, Iogear, Ovislink AirLive, ST Lab, Sweex, Targus, Veho
Business card scanners
IRIS a Canon Company, Kensington, Targus
Dot matrix printers
DVB-S/satellite products
Hauppauge, PCTV Systems
Film scanners
Firewire controllers
Iogear, Lycom, Ovislink AirLive, ST Lab, Sweex
Flatbed scanners
Ion Audio
Home video editing hardware
Datapath, Hauppauge, Kensington, Matrox
IGo (Adapt Mobile), Iogear, Kensington, Sweex, Targus
LCD monitors
AOC, Envision, Orion Technology
Mice, trackpads and trackpoints
Iogear, Kensington, MouseTrapper, Port Designs, Revoltec, Sweex, Targus, Veho, Verbatim, ZetMac
Multiport cards
Lycom, Ovislink AirLive
Numeric keyboards
Kensington, Port Designs, Targus
Thermal printers
Citizen, Honeywell (Intermec), TSC
ELO TouchSystems
TV/DVB-T and radio tuners for PC
Hauppauge, Ovislink AirLive, PCTV Systems
USB and Firewire controllers
Iogear, Lycom, Ovislink AirLive, ST Lab, Sweex
USB controllers
Iogear, Lycom, Ovislink AirLive, ST Lab, Sweex
Ovislink AirLive, Revoltec, Sweex

Barcode readers
Aurès, Cipherlab, Datalogic, Honeywell, Honeywell (Intermec), Opticon, Youjie, Zebra
Card printers
Honeywell (Intermec)
Cash registers
APG Cash Bases, Aurès, Epson, Star Micronics
Other POS hardware
APG Cash Bases, Aurès, Cipherlab, Honeywell (Intermec)
POS software
POS terminals
Aurès, ELO TouchSystems, Olivetti, Poindus Systems, Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions
Receipt printers
Aurès, Citizen, Honeywell (Datamax O'Neil), Honeywell (Intermec), Zebra
RFID hardware and software
Honeywell (Intermec)
Smartcard readers
Honeywell (Intermec)

Professional video
Digital signage
Adder Technology, AOpen, Datapath, Philips, Viewsonic
Fixed projectors (more than 6 kg)
High performance projectors (more than 5000 lumens)
Interactive boards
Professional LCD screens (tunerless)
Professional video capture hardware
Professional video software

Alarm systems
Fire detection
APC by Schneider Electric
Physical access control
Security cable locks
Kensington, Port Designs, Targus
Video security solutions
AOpen, Asoni Communications, Canon, EverFocus, IQinvision, Microlight, MicroView, Milestone Systems, Mirasys, Mobotix, Netbotz, Pelco by Schneider Electric

Offsite and online backup

Graphics software
Honeywell (Intermec)
Utility software
Milestone Systems, Nero

2, 5" harddisks
MicroUpgrade, Seagate, Western Digital
Automatic CD copiers
Automatic DVD copiers
Backup software
Bullguard, Nero
Firewire harddisks
Freecom, Hive, MicroUpgrade, Seagate, Verbatim, Western Digital
Flash card readers
EStuff, Freecom, Iogear, Kensington, Lycom, MicroUpgrade, Ovislink AirLive, SanDisk, Sweex, Targus, Veho, Verbatim
IDE controllers
Lycom, ST Lab
ISCSI servers
Freecom, Overland-Tandberg
NAS servers
Asustor, Edimax, Excito, Freecom, Lenovo, MicroUpgrade, Overland-Tandberg, Seagate, Synology, Thecus, Western Digital
Other storage hardware
Hive, Overland-Tandberg
Packaged diskette drives
Packaged DVD readers, juke-boxes and writers
Packaged IDE harddisks
MicroUpgrade, Seagate, Western Digital
Raid servers
IBM, Overland-Tandberg, Thecus, United Digital
Removable storage
S-ATA controllers
Iogear, Lycom, ST Lab
S-ATA harddisks
MicroUpgrade, Seagate, Western Digital
SAN servers
MicroUpgrade, Overland-Tandberg, Thecus
SCSI and SAS harddisks
MicroUpgrade, Seagate, Western Digital
ADATA Technology, OCZ Technology, Samsung, Verbatim, Western Digital
Freecom, Overland-Tandberg
Tape drives
USB & Firewire harddisks
Freecom, Hive, MicroUpgrade, Seagate, Verbatim, Western Digital
USB and/or Firewire CD/DVD/Blu Ray readers and writers
USB harddisks
ADATA Technology, Freecom, HGST, Hive, MicroUpgrade, Seagate, Sweex, Verbatim, Western Digital
USB keys
ADATA Technology, eStuff, Freecom, Geil, MicroUpgrade, Revoltec, SanDisk, Sweex, Verbatim

Blu-Ray or HD-DVD medias
CD-R and CD-RW
Cleaning products and supplies
Honeywell (Intermec), MicroSpareparts, Verbatim
CompactFlash cards
ADATA Technology, MicroUpgrade, SanDisk, Verbatim
Dot matrix ribbons
Armor, Citizen, Honeywell (Intermec)
DVD+-R and DVD+-RW
Fax supplies
Armor, Verbatim
Inkjet cartridges
AgfaPhoto, Armor, HP Inc., Verbatim
Laser toner
AgfaPhoto, Armor, Dell Technologies, Freecolor, HP Inc., Kyocera, Toshiba, Verbatim, Xerox
MemoryStick cards
ADATA Technology, MicroUpgrade, SanDisk, Verbatim
MultiMediaCard cards
ADATA Technology, MicroUpgrade, SanDisk, Verbatim
Projector lamps
Removable disks
Overland-Tandberg, Verbatim
SecureDigital cards
ADATA Technology, MicroUpgrade, SanDisk, Veho, Verbatim
Smart Media cards
ADATA Technology, MicroUpgrade, SanDisk, Verbatim
AgfaPhoto, Armor, Honeywell (Intermec), Olympus, Verbatim
HPE, Overland-Tandberg, Verbatim
Armor, Verbatim
XD cards
ADATA Technology, Olympus, SanDisk, Verbatim

Telecommunications (IP)
Music on hold
Phone and voice-over-IP
Beyer Dynamic, Ovislink AirLive, Polycom, Sweex, Verbatim
Ovislink AirLive

Telephony (analog, ISDN, mobile)
Telephony accessories
EStuff, iGo (Adapt Mobile), Jabra, Jawbone, Kensington, muvit, Plantronics, Sweex, ZetMac