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Real Security backups with Nakivo

Adriatics: Slovenian security VAD Real Security has started the distribution of Nakivo backup and data security solutions in the region (Albania, Bosnia, Croatia, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia and Slovania).

Avecto and REAL Security announce Adriatic partnership

Adriatics: global security software firm Avecto has expanded its European market presence with the signing of a distribution agreement with Slovenia-based security VAD REAL Security for the Adriatic region that includes Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia and Slovenia. The partnership will enable REAL Security to enhance its current portfolio of security solutions with Avecto’s Defendpoint software, allowing its clients to successfully remove admin rights from all users through its integrated privilege management and application control technology. DefendPoint's multi-layered endpoint prevention is achieved by uniquely combining the three core capabilities of privilege management, application control and content isolation to reduce the attack surface and disrupt the attack chain.

"Malware has been around for a long time, but ransomware has brought this to a whole new level", said David Ivacic, sales director at Real Security. "Attackers have never been so financially motivated and the rate at which malware has been evolving means that the majority of standard security counter-measures are no longer adequate. This evolution in malware requires an equivalent evolution of IT security countermeasures, and this is especially true for the user endpoint - many have learned this lesson the hard way during the recent spate of WannaCry attacks across Europe. So we at REAL Security are very happy to be able to offer our customers and partners in the Adriatic market Avecto's DefendPoint solution, which we strongly believe will significantly decrease their malware related headaches."

"REAL Security, with its strong focus on providing complete security solutions, is the perfect fit for Avecto to partner with as we develop our market presence in and beyond the Adriatic region", said Peter Schaudeck, Avecto's Senior Channel Manager Central and Eastern Europe. "We are very excited to enter into this new partnership and together we are looking forward to developing new business opportunities and strong growth in this rapidly developing region of Europe."

REAL Security to help companies fight against phishing threats with PhishMe

Adriatics: PhishMe and Slovenian security VAD REAL Security have unveiled a distribution partnership. REAL security's in-depth knowledge in reselling a wide range of technology solutions enables partners like PhishMe to work efficiently and successfully in the markets where it operates. The mutually beneficial channel relationship will benefit the region's customers with the PhishMe portfolio and its anti-phishing solutions that deliver human-generated attack intelligence, thereby enhancing REAL Security's comprehensive technology portfolio. Together, PhishMe and REAL Security will help protect organizations from advanced security threats.

"Collaboration with industry leading IT and security companies such as REAL Security extends our reach to a greater number of customers facing an unprecedented increase in frequency and damage caused by cyberattacks", explained Jim Hansen, Chief Operating Officer at PhishMe. "PhishMe is the only security company that provides a comprehensive and scalable human phishing defense solution. Through our partnership with REAL Security, we are giving organizations across Slovenia the security solutions and intelligence they need to proactively detect and quickly respond to cyber-attacks."

"Due to constantly changing threats, we cannot solely count on technology to keep us safe – we need to make sure we do the best possible to minimise also the so called 'human factor' of cyber-attacks. We believe that we, human beings, learn the most through 'trial and error' and that is what PhishMe offers – tools that allow users to learn from their errors, but in a way that their errors do not cause any harm. We are really excited to start educating the users in this region together with PhishMe", said David Ivačič, sales director at Real Security. Beyond Slovenia, the partnership covers the whole Adriatics region, including Albania, Bosnia, Croatia, Macedonia, Serbia and Montenegro.

REAL security signs with HPE Software

Slovenia: security VAD REAL Security has expanded its distribution agreement with HPE to include the complete software portfolio known as HPE Software; until recently the company was distributing security solutions only - ArcSight, Fortify, Atalla and Voltage.

Said Alen Šalamun, CTO of REAL Security: "The extension of our long-standing partnership with HPE to include their most complex products, such as those that battle the upcoming issues of processing of (Big) data, mobility, control, management and monitoring of infrastructure and security, this is for us a tomorrow's challenge and a recognition for a yesterday's job well done! The world is slowly transitioning into a new era of IT, the time is nigh to ‘clean up your act’ and raise the standards of control and data security to a much higher level. Those, who don't, will be held directly accountable for each and every incident, legal and remediation costs companies face will be much higher. HPE offering is a uniform and comprehensive package of solutions that deal with these issues and, as they say themselves: ‘This is the technology that powers both growth and change!"

REAL Security plans to actively promote the solutions, and the knowledge, in cooperation with local reseller partners as well as with Selectium, a local representative of HPE formed from what was once HP Slovenia.

Simplivity gets Real

Converged infrastructure vendor SimpliVity has chosen security VAD Real Security to distribute its OmniCube (a data centre in a box) in the Adriatic region, through its offices in Serbia and Slovenia.


Real Security Slovenija d.o.o.

Real Security Slovenija d.o.o.
Meljska 1
SI-2000 Maribor
Phone : +386 (0)2 234 7474
Fax : +386 (0)2 234 7475
Website :
E-mail :


CEO : Mr Alen Šalamun (*** ****** ********* ** *)
General manager : Mr Renato Uhl (*** ****** ********* **)
Sales director : Mr David Ivačič (*** ****** ********* ** *)
CTO : Mr Alen Šalamun (*** ****** ********* ** *)


Creation year : 1996
Matična številka : 1695673000
VAT number : SI 98280171
Annual turnover
2016 : 3,72 M€
2013 : 2,50 M€
2012 : 2,50 M€
2011 : 2,93 M€
2010 : 2,83 M€
Indirect turnover : 100%
National/regional/export split : 30/0/70
Export : Albania, Austria, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czechia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia
VAD : Security
Main brands : Ceedo Technologies, ForcePoint, HPE Security, McAfee, NetClarity
Clients : Associations, consultants, corporate resellers, dealers, semi-distributors, service providers, specialized resellers, systems integrators, telecom operators, VAR
Employees : 7 people


Cabling and connectivity
Antennas and cables
Cisco (Meraki)
Network cables and connectivity
Cisco (Meraki)
Power cables and connectivity
Cisco (Meraki)

Other servers
HPE (Simplivity)
Passive terminals
Portable PCs
X86 workstations (32 and 64 bits)

EDM (Electronic Document Management)
EDM archiving software
EDM workflow software

Bandwidth management
Cyberoam Technologies a Sophos Company, ForcePoint
Bridges, gateways and routers
Cyberoam Technologies a Sophos Company
Emulation and virtualization software
Ceedo Technologies, HPE (3PAR Data), HPE Networking, McAfee, Nakivo
High availability
Load balancing
Cyberoam Technologies a Sophos Company, McAfee
Management and supervision software and hardware
Avecto, BMC, CA (Nimsoft), Cisco (Meraki), Cyberoam Technologies a Sophos Company, ForcePoint, HPE Networking, HPE Security, Infovista, Ivanti (Shavlik Technologies), McAfee, MicroFocus (Arcsight), ObserveIT, OpenText (Guidance Software), Riverbed (Xirrus)
BMC, Infovista
Cisco (Meraki)
Wireless access points
Cisco (Meraki), Riverbed (Xirrus)
Wireless network adapters
Riverbed (Xirrus)

Smartcard readers
Gemalto (CRYPTOCard), Gemalto (SafeNet)

Cyberoam Technologies a Sophos Company, ForcePoint, Gemalto (SafeNet), HPE Security, McAfee
Cyberoam Technologies a Sophos Company, ForcePoint, Gemalto (SafeNet), HPE Security, Ivanti (Shavlik Technologies), McAfee
Cyberoam Technologies a Sophos Company, ForcePoint, Gemalto (SafeNet), HPE Security, McAfee
Gemalto (CRYPTOCard), Gemalto (SafeNet), HPE Security, McAfee
Gemalto (SafeNet), McAfee
Content filtering
Cyberoam Technologies a Sophos Company, ForcePoint, Gemalto (SafeNet), HPE Security, McAfee, PhishMe
Cyber-Ark, Gemalto (CRYPTOCard), Gemalto (SafeNet), Gold Line Group, HPE Security, McAfee
Cyberoam Technologies a Sophos Company, Gemalto (SafeNet), HPE Security, McAfee
Intrusion protection
Cyberoam Technologies a Sophos Company, McAfee, Sourcefire now part of Cisco, Trend Micro
Log analysis
ForcePoint, Gemalto (SafeNet), HPE Security, McAfee, OpenText (Guidance Software)
Physical access control
Gemalto (SafeNet), McAfee
Secure mail
ForcePoint, Gemalto (SafeNet)
Security appliances (UTM)
Cyberoam Technologies a Sophos Company, McAfee, NetClarity
Traffic management
ForcePoint, Gemalto (SafeNet), HPE Security, McAfee
Traffic monitoring
Cyberoam Technologies a Sophos Company, ForcePoint, Gemalto (SafeNet), HPE Security, McAfee, Vound Software
Virtual Private Networks
Cyber-Ark, Cyberoam Technologies a Sophos Company, Gemalto (SafeNet), HPE Security, McAfee
Vulnerability management
HPE Security, McAfee

Added value
BMC, McAfee
ASP and xAAS
Cisco (Meraki), ForcePoint, McAfee
Security as a Service
ForcePoint, Gemalto (CRYPTOCard), McAfee, Qualys, Sourcefire now part of Cisco, Zscaler
BMC, Cyberoam Technologies a Sophos Company, ForcePoint, Gemalto (CRYPTOCard), Gemalto (SafeNet), HPE Security, McAfee, Nakivo, Sourcefire now part of Cisco
Warranty extensions
Cyberoam Technologies a Sophos Company, HPE Security, McAfee, VXL

Access infrastructure solutions
MicroFocus (HPE Software)
Application servers
MicroFocus (HPE Software)
Business and finance software
MicroFocus (HPE Software)
Clustering software
MicroFocus (HPE Software)
Communication software
DBMS and associated tools
Knowledge management software
MicroFocus (HPE Software)
Management software
BMC, CA (Nimsoft), MicroFocus (Arcsight), MicroFocus (HPE Software), VXL
Operating systems
MicroFocus (HPE Software)
Other types of software
MicroFocus (HPE Software), Xythos
Programming software
MicroFocus (HPE Software)
Test tools
MicroFocus (HPE Software)
Web servers
MicroFocus (HPE Software)
Web services
MicroFocus (HPE Software), Xythos

Backup software
HPE (3PAR Data), MicroFocus (HPE Software), Nakivo
Data management software
HPE (3PAR Data), McAfee, MicroFocus (HPE Software)

Gemalto (SafeNet)

Thin computing
Thin client accessories
Thin client software
Thin clients