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EET Europarts acquires Avantis

Scandinavia: Danish multispecialist EET Europarts has acquired for an undisclosed amount network VAD Avantis Distribution, which is present in Denmark, Norway and Sweden. The acquisition of Avantis Distribution is part of EET Europarts' ambitious growth strategy for the Storage & Network Security business. "We have been successfully growing the Storage & Network Security business in recent years, and we have expanded the product range significantly. The acquisition of Avantis Distribution will strengthen our position within wireless network and network security even more, and add new competences and brands to our portfolio", says Group CEO Søren Drewsen, EET Group. "Our business strategy is ambitious and targeted, and we want to grow our business areas organically as well as through acquisitions. The Avantis acquisition is our 7th acquisition this year and, as stated before, we are continuously on the lookout for companies that show interest in being acquired", adds the Group CEO.

As part of the acquisition, EET Europarts will take over a team of experienced employees from Avantis Distribution. The employees will become part of the local EET Europarts sales entities in respectively Denmark, Norway and Sweden. "We are very pleased with the acquisition of Avantis Distribution. We have been working determined to develop our product range within Storage & Network Security", says Bjørn Berg, Managing Director at EET Europarts Norway. "Avantis specializes within advanced wireless technology and security solutions, which means we will now be able to offer our customers even more cost-effective and stable wireless network and security solutions and products with high level of functionality. Wireless technology is constantly evolving and wireless communication is often used as a primary connection to applications and services. When the world is going more and more wireless it is importent to have focus on how to secure your network. I am convinced that our agile EET Europarts sales and distribution model in combination with Avantis' products, dedication and knowledge of secure wireless technology will ensure well-functioning and high quality solutions for our many network customers."

New owner and new name for Data Equipment

Scandinavia : Gjermundshaug Gruppen has taken over network VAD Data Equipment distribution business for an undisclosed amount. The company, which is present in Denmark, Norway and Sweden, has been renamed Avantis Distribution. Its new manager is Halvor Ruud (source : IT Bransjen Norge).

Data Equipment on the phone with Unidata

Network VAD Data Equipment has been appointed official distributor for Unidata VoIP equipment in whole Scandinavia. Unidata products will be distributed through Data Equipment offices in Norway and Sweden (source : IT Bransjen Norge).


Avantis Distribution AB

Avantis Distribution AB
Sjöängsvägen 15
SE-192 72 Sollentuna
Phone : +46 (0)8 590 710 80
Fax : +46 (0)8 590 710 86
Website :
E-mail :


General manager : Mr Morten Winther (*** ****** ******)


Creation year : 2004
Organisationsnummer : 556665-2839
VAT number : SE 556665283901
Annual turnover
2016 : 2,80 M€
2015 : 3,69 M€
2014 : 2,70 M€
2013 : 2,24 M€
2012 : 3,09 M€
Indirect turnover : 100%
National/regional/export split : 100/0/0
VAD : Networks
Main brands : Allied Telesis Wireless, Ekahau, MikroTik, Ubiquiti Networks, Zebra
Clients : Associations, cabling companies, dealers, installers, service providers, specialized resellers, systems integrators, telecom operators, VAR
Employees : 6 people