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Mconomy wins lawsuite against Ascendeo regarding Muvit brand

Netherlands: mobility specialist Mconomy has won its lawsuit against its French counterpart Ascendeo regarding Muvit. This means that Mconomy retains the exclusive rights to sell the brand muvit in Belgium, Germany, Luxembourg and the Netherlands. Just over two years ago, this exclusive right was terminated one-sided by Ascendeo. Wrongly according to the court: "we are pleased that it has been determined that this was illegal and that this has now been restored by a court ruling. The rights of the muvit brand remain where they belong", said Edgar Hofstee, CEO of Mconomy. The impact was significant for Mconomy, which is one of the founders and owners of the brand muvit. The brand had an important role in Mconomy's portfolio and violating distribution rights had a major impact. Mconomy is considering next steps and is consulting legal advisors on this topic.

Two acquisitions in the Netherlands

Netherlands: IT service provider XRC Services has acquired telecom VAD WestComm for an undisclosed amount1. WestComm will join its subsidiary NXTcom in its distribution pole, allowing XRC Services to offer more products to its reseller customers. Retail specialist Mconomy has acquired Let's Talk, a software development company which is specialized in omnichannel custom solutions for markets such as telecoms and insurance2 (source: ChannelConnect Nederland 1 and 2).

Mconomy strengthens its position by acquiring Let's Talk

Netherlands: retail specialist Mconomy has acquired Let's Talk from Breda, retroactively as of 1 January 2017. Let's Talk is a software development company specialized in custom omnichannel solutions for companies in the telecom and insurance sectors. Current clients include MediaMarkt, PCS and the Dutch railway operator NS. Let’s Talk was founded in 2013 and has since grown to 12 employees. Edgar Hofstee, CEO of Mconomy Group, is happy and proud with the new addition to the company. "We have a clear vision and strategy that calls for continuous added value to our clients, suppliers and employees. Our goal is to support our partners in improving their customer satisfaction and commercial results", says Hofstee. "Key to this is delivering relevant products, services and tools, so that our clients can optimize the performance of existing sales channels and customer bases."

Marcel Meeuwissen, CEO and co-shareholder of Let's Talk, is thrilled about the collaboration: "Mconomy has very strong strategic and commercial insights, while our highly professional and cohesive team in Breda has a wealth of IT and omnichannel knowledge. This is a logical step forward for both parties, because it allows us to provide our partners with faster, better and more innovative solutions." Marcel Meeuwissen will remain CEO of Let's Talk, as well as shareholder of the company.

A new owner for Ascendeo

France: mobile accessory specialist Ascendeo has been acquired for an undisclosed amount by Innov8, a group which also owns telephony specialist Extenso Telecom as well as several other mobility-related companies such as lick (smart device-specialized etailer) or Unplug (mobile accessory vendor). The goal of Innov8 is to create a full ecosystem in the mobility market, where resellers can find any and all products they may need to sell. The acquisition includes the Spanish subsidiary of Ascendeo. The status of the joint venture of Ascendeo with Mconomy in Belgium and the Netherlands, Celly in Italy and Mline in Germany is officially unchanged by the acquisition, despite this acquisition and the one of Celly by Esprinet.

Esprinet acquires Celly

Italy: broadliner Esprinet has acquired 60% of the shares of mobility accessory specialist Celly through a share exchange and a capital increase for €7.9m. It is yet unknown what will be the impact of the acquisition on the European joint venture Ascendeo, of which Celly was the Italian member, beside Austrian MLine, Belgian and Dutch Mconomy and French and Spanish Ascendeo : neither Esprinet, nor Ascendeo in France answered our question regarding this point.


Mconomy België

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Creation year : 2012
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National/regional/export split : 97/0/3
Export : Luxemburg
Specialist : Accessories, telephony (analog, ISDN, mobile)
Main brands : Belkin, Gear4, Guess, Monster, muvit
Clients : E-commerce, multispecialists, phone shops, specialized resellers, telecom operators


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