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Nuvias appointed as sole pan-EMEA Distributor for Dtex Systems

Network, security and storage VAD Nuvias has been appointed as the sole pan-EMEA distributor for Advanced User Behaviour Intelligence leader Dtex Systems' range of insider threat solutions. High-value distribution business Nuvias, whose Cyber Security Practice was created from the former security VAD Wick Hill, will work with Dtex to establish a channel network in EMEA and promote growth for the vendor. The initial focus will be on Belgium, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom, with a later second stage aimed at Austria, Denmark, France, Germany, Norway, Sweden and Switzerland. Nuvias is distributing the full range of Dtex's monitoring solutions, which provide visibility and intelligence around user behaviour, gathering information from the endpoint. Dtex solutions use proprietary metadata for analysis, matching user workflows to known risks, as well as utilising behavioural learning. This highlights and provides forensic-level, end-to-end workflows to identify users with malicious intent and those who accidentally expose data. Initially, Nuvias and Dtex will create a group of 20 partners, in Benelux and the UK, comprising security-focussed VARs and Managed Security Service Providers (MSSPs). Nuvias will provide strong support with dedicated sales and pre-sales staff, partner training and other services to enable Dtex to scale more quickly and gain momentum in the market place.

Ian Kilpatrick, EVP Cyber Security for Nuvias Group, said: "we are seeing companies become ever more interested in security, thanks to continuing publicity on data breaches and compliance issues such as GDPR. Insider threats from malicious behaviour and bad cyber hygiene have traditionally been underrated but have always been a key element in the level of risk that companies face. Visibility at the endpoint is critical to solving insider threats and this is Dtex’s focus, unlike many other insider threat solutions which concentrate on the network. Dtex can provide a high level of visibility and intelligence around what users are doing as well as proactively highlighting any potential risks before they take place. The market is ripe for this type of solution with recent data breaches drawing increased attention to the need for good cyber hygiene and internal monitoring within organisations."

Christy Wyatt, Dtex Systems CEO, said: "with Insider Threat representing more than half of all known breaches, enterprise customers today need strong analytics solutions and experienced security partners. Nuvias' experience in the security space makes them an ideal partner for Dtex and enterprise customers."

VASCO and Nuvias expand distributor agreement across EMEA

Nuvias and VASCO Data Security International, a major vendor in digital solutions, including identity, security and business productivity, have expanded their existing distributor agreement, increasing the number of EMEA countries covered from two to 21. The fast-growing value-added distributor will play a key role in driving further growth and meeting demand across EMEA for VASCO's trusted security solutions, including two-factor authentication, transaction data signing, e-signatures, identity management and secure access to the cloud for online and mobile applications. Previous to Nuvias' acquisition of Wick Hill, VASCO had an ongoing 10 year distributor relationship in Germany and the United Kingdom with Wick Hill. Both Nuvias and VASCO are now looking to replicate this successful partnership across EMEA, with an initial focus on Belgium, France, the Netherlands and Poland.

"Increasing reports of stolen passwords along with the arrival of GDPR and a growing need for cloud and wi-fi authentication are all major factors in driving the market for solutions that combat online and mobile fraud", said Nuvias Group's EVP Cyber Security, Ian Kilpatrick. "VASCO's range of digital trust solutions are already delivering growth for us and our partners in many regions and we are really excited by this expansion of our longstanding relationship."

"Partnerships with organizations like Nuvias enable VASCO to maximize its channel business opportunities", said VASCO's Channel Sales Manager EMEA, David De Pauw. "Nuvias' knowledge of VASCO’s products and its presence in more than 20 countries across EMEA will help further VASCO's success and offer value to a broader-reaching end user base."

Kilpatrick added: "our mission is to deliver a common proposition, consistently delivered and we will be working closely with our resellers to meet regional market requirements and provide local support. While some countries are more advanced than others when it comes to the deployment of security technologies, we are able to draw on a decade of experience in the UK and Germany to help deliver the best solutions and support to drive adoption across EMEA. We are looking forward to expanding our relationship with VASCO, a company that is investing heavily in R&D to develop exciting new products and building strong go-to-market propositions."

Nuvias becomes first pan-EMEA VAD for GitHub

GitHub, the software development platform (and the world's largest community of developers used by more than 23 million people across the globe) has signed its first pan-EMEA distribution agreement with fast-growing VAD Nuvias. The new partnership will further expand GitHub's enterprise customer base across Europe, the Middle East and Africa, and represents a commitment by Nuvias to accelerate the growth of its DevOps business.

GitHub has rapidly become the leading web-based Git version control tool and repository for code development, providing access control and collaboration features such as bug tracking, feature requests, task management and wikis. GitHub already has over 64 million repositories, making it the largest host of source code in the world.

"Software and applications are now the heart of business and the basis for digital transformation, innovation and efficiency", said Paul Eccleston, CEO Nuvias Group. "With businesses needing to deliver quality applications quickly so they can compete and gain market share, GitHub will be at the centre of our portfolio of integrated tools and services to enable collaborative development, quality, security, automation and user-experience monitoring."

"GitHub Business allows companies large and small to collaborate on important projects more effectively, improving productivity within their development teams", said Catherine King, Channel Manager at GitHub. "With Nuvias' focus on accelerating its DevOps business, this partnership will help more companies across the globe get the most from their GitHub deployments, whether they choose the hosted option or on-premise."

Development teams of all sizes, from start-ups to global teams of thousands, can harness the GitHub platform to discover, use and contribute to projects more effectively, regardless of organisation or geography. Managers get a powerful insight into work, in near real-time, across projects and teams, or can use the Activity Dashboard to view work across every project on GitHub Enterprise with easy-to-read graphs. GitHub source repositories can be shared in the cloud or privately on-premise, while members can follow each other, review each other's work, receive updates for specific projects and communicate publicly or privately. "The way software is developed has fundamentally changed and the advance of open source means there is no point in reinventing the wheel", said Paul Eccleston. "GitHub allows companies to multiply forces and employ 1000s of developers on improving and optimising code.". GitHub's platform is available in the region through Nuvias offices in Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Malta, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, the United Arab Emirates and the United Kingdom.

Nuvias appointed a Pan-EMEA Distributor for Juniper Networks

Infrastructure VAD Nuvias has been appointed as a pan-EMEA distributor for Juniper Networks' full range of high-performance networking, security, data centre and cloud solutions. High-value distribution business Nuvias will support Juniper's continued growth plans for EMEA, particularly in the mid-to-high end enterprise market. Nuvias has designed, together with Juniper, a full channel partner development and acceleration programme that complements Juniper's existing channel programme. It will offer technical, sales and marketing training to help maximise the business opportunities in high growth markets such as cloud, Internet of Things (IoT) and Software Defined Networking (SDN) - areas where Juniper also invests. Nuvias will work with Juniper to identify key vertical markets and geographies for partners and provide them with the skills to transform their customers' data centres with Juniper's next-generation networking and security platforms. Nuvias will focus on partner recruitment, accreditation and sales enablement, providing value-added services such as solution events, training, lead generation, and campaign materials.

"Nuvias is excited by this new partnership with Juniper, a pioneer in networking innovation, performance and security. The strength of our commitment will be demonstrated through a dedication to partner enablement, services and solutions that can generate new opportunities and business", said Paul Eccleston, CEO of Nuvias. "We are equipping partners with the necessary skills to pursue opportunities independently, generate additional revenues, and deliver innovative services to their customers. Juniper invests in partners that bring in new business and this agreement presents a fantastic opportunity for the channel."

High-performance network automation, SDN and intelligent, software-defined security will play a key role in organisations' Digital Transformation strategies, and together Juniper Networks and Nuvias will help partners take advantage of the burgeoning opportunity. "We are delighted to be working with Nuvias, whose strengths in value-added networking and security distribution perfectly complement our strategic focus and solutions portfolio", said Kristian Kerr, head of channel, alliances & commercial, EMEA, Juniper Networks. "Nuvias' approach reflects the dynamic IT landscape, while being able to consistently deliver the highest levels of capability, accreditation, sales, marketing, services and operational excellence to Juniper's partners across EMEA.". Juniper Networks' solutions are available through Nuvias in Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Malta, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, the United Arab Emirates and the United Kingdom.

More business for ALSO, Boll, DexxIT and Nuvias

DACH: in Switzerland, broadliner ALSO has been appointed as an official distributor by video-conferencing service provider Videonor1. Network and security VAD Boll Engineering has hired Silvia Fonollosa as an export specialist2. She will help Boll's resellers with export-related issues such as certificates, tariffs, licenses, etc. In Germany, retail specialist DexxIT has started the distribution of 3M privacy filters. In Austria, network and security VAD Nuvias has opened a training center in its Wien premises. It will provide training on Riverbed and Watchguard products, to start with (source: IT Reseller Schweiz 1 and 2, Business Partner Deutschland, Channel Observer Deutschland).


Nuvias Austria (inc. Wick Hill & Zycko)

Nuvias Austria (inc. Wick Hill & Zycko)
Vienna Twin Tower
Wienerbergstraße 11/12a
A-1100 Wien
Phone : +43 (0)1 5441273
Fax : +43 (0)1 5441273 281
Website :
E-mail :


General manager : Mrs Helge Scherff (*** ****** ********* ** *)
General manager : Mr Graham Hitchens


Creation year : 2016
Firmenbuchnummer : 446024v HG Wien
VAT number : ATU71267407
Indirect turnover : 100%
National/regional/export split : 100/0/0
VAD : Networks, security
Main brands : ExtraHop Networks, macmon secure, Riverbed, Tenable Network Security, Trustwave
Clients : Specialized resellers, systems integrators, telecom operators, VAR
Employees : 6 people


Cabling and connectivity
Antennas and cables
Juniper Networks
Optical cables and connectivity

Acceleration hardware and software
Juniper Networks, Riverbed
Bandwidth management
A10 Networks, Juniper Networks, Riverbed, WatchGuard
Bridges, gateways and routers
AudioCodes, Juniper Networks, Nokia Networks, Oracle Communications, Riverbed (Ocedo)
Cache servers
Juniper Networks, Riverbed
DSL modems
Emulation and virtualization software
Unitrends (PHD Technologies)
Fax servers
Snom technology
High availability
Juniper Networks, WatchGuard
ISDN adapters
Load balancing
A10 Networks, Juniper Networks, Riverbed, WatchGuard
Management and supervision software and hardware
ExtraHop Networks, FileFacets, Juniper Networks, Oracle Communications, Riverbed, Riverbed (Ocedo), Tenable Network Security
Network adapters
Juniper Networks
ExtraHop Networks, Juniper Networks, Oracle Communications, Riverbed, WatchGuard
Juniper Networks, Riverbed (Ocedo)
Test products
Transceivers and repeaters
Wireless access points
Juniper Networks, Nokia Networks, Riverbed (Ocedo), WatchGuard
Wireless network adapters
Juniper Networks

Multiport cards

Smartcard readers
HID Global

Alarm systems
Juniper Networks, Kaspersky Lab, MalwareBytes, Trustwave (M86 Security), WatchGuard
Juniper Networks, Kaspersky Lab, MalwareBytes, Trustwave (M86 Security), WatchGuard
Juniper Networks, Kaspersky Lab, MalwareBytes, Trustwave (M86 Security), Vasco, WatchGuard
A10 Networks, HID Global, Juniper Networks, Trustwave, Vasco
Content filtering
Juniper Networks, Kaspersky Lab, Link11, macmon secure, MalwareBytes, Trustwave (M86 Security), WatchGuard
Juniper Networks, Kaspersky Lab, Thales (nCipher), Vasco, WatchGuard
Juniper Networks, Kaspersky Lab, WatchGuard
Intrusion protection
Juniper Networks, Kaspersky Lab, WatchGuard
Log analysis
Tenable Network Security, WatchGuard
Secure mail
Juniper Networks, Kaspersky Lab, WatchGuard
Security appliances (UTM)
Juniper Networks, Trustwave (M86 Security), WatchGuard
Traffic management
Juniper Networks, Kaspersky Lab, WatchGuard
Traffic monitoring
Kaspersky Lab, Riverbed, Trustwave (M86 Security), WatchGuard
Virtual Private Networks
Juniper Networks, WatchGuard
Vulnerability management
Juniper Networks, Tenable Network Security

Added value
AudioCodes, Juniper Networks, Kaspersky Lab, Mitel (ShoreTel), Riverbed, Vasco, WatchGuard
ASP and xAAS
Blue Jeans Network, Riverbed
Financing solutions
Mitel (ShoreTel), Riverbed
Offsite and online backup
Security as a Service
Juniper Networks, Kaspersky Lab, Trustwave, Vasco, WatchGuard
A10 Networks, AudioCodes, ExtraHop Networks, Juniper Networks, Kaspersky Lab, Mitel (ShoreTel), Riverbed, snom technology, Tenable Network Security, Thales (nCipher), Trustwave (M86 Security), Vasco, WatchGuard
Warranty extensions
AudioCodes, Juniper Networks, Riverbed, Vasco

Management software
Juniper Networks
Programming software
Utility software
Kaspersky Lab

Backup software
Unitrends, Unitrends (PHD Technologies)
Other storage hardware
SAN hubs and switches
Juniper Networks
SAN servers

Telecommunications (IP)
AudioCodes, Mitel (ShoreTel), snom technology
Panasonic, snom technology
Mitel (ShoreTel), Panasonic, snom technology
Phone and voice-over-IP
AudioCodes, Juniper Networks, Mitel (ShoreTel), Panasonic, snom technology
Panasonic, snom technology

Telephony (analog, ISDN, mobile)
Fixed phones (wired or cordless)
Snom technology
Telephony accessories
Snom technology

Thin computing
Thin client software
Juniper Networks


Value added services
After-sale service, architecture design, authorized training centre, BTO, co-marketing funds, configuration help, custom cable manufacturing, demo products, demos, direct shipping to final client, e-mailing, field sales staff, hardware installation, help with specifications write-up, hot-line, information newsletter, lead generation, logistics, magazines, maintenance, manufacturer certifications, modeling, newsletters, on-site maintenance, personalized help, practice development, pre-sale consulting, product catalog, product loan, retail-dedicated sales staff, return-to-base warranty, sales help, shipments tracking, show-room, software customization, special offer lists, specific preparations, standard exchange, system integration, technology watch, thematic catalogs, training centre, transfer of skills, trial products
Financial services
30-day payment, advance payment, automatic transfer, bill of exchange, cash on delivery, cash with order, cash with trade discount, cheque, deferred transfer, draft, letter of credit, personal outstanding, term of payment