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Nuvias launches Unified Communications Practice

Network and storage VAD Nuvias announces the EMEA launch of its Unified Communications (UC) Practice. The Practice is based on the UC capabilities and services provided by SIPHON Networks, which became part of the Nuvias Group in October 2016. SIPHON is a leading, award-winning UC solutions and technology enabler for the channel, already established in Benelux and the United Kingdom. The UC practice will be rolled out across EMEA over the coming months, through Nuvias regional branches, starting with Germany (where the BU was presented on Cebit) and the other countries following later (Austria, Denmark, Dubai, France, Hungary, Italy, Malta, Norway, Poland, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland). More Nuvias staff are being added throughout EMEA to support vendor and reseller partners. Existing UC vendors and new vendors are expected to take advantage of Nuvias' growing UC capability across EMEA to increase sales in the region. Likewise, it is anticipated that both existing and new Nuvias reseller/integrator channel partners across EMEA will take up the opportunity to enter this thriving market or expand their UC business.

Paul Eccleston, CEO of Nuvias, said: "SIPHON is an exceptional company with a very strong offering for the channel, as demonstrated by its phenomenal growth in the last few years. SIPHON's strong technical and solution engineering expertise has enabled it to work closely with vendors and resellers on the development of UC solutions; this factor, together with the provision of a very high level of service and solutions capabilities from SIPHON, has been instrumental in its success."

Steve Harris, EVP Unified Communications Nuvias and Managing Director SIPHON, commented: "A major reason for joining Nuvias last year was the chance it gave us to grow and expand both in the UK and internationally. The UC EMEA launch of Nuvias lays the foundations for achieving that ambition. This is a very exciting time in UC across EMEA, with really significant opportunities for the IT channel to move into the lucrative UC market and conquer the legacy competition. We believe that, as part of Nuvias, we are the right solutions and technology enabler to provide the service, support and technical know-how our channel partners want to help them make the most of this market opportunity."

Nuvias opens new office

Switzerland: network and security VAD Nuvias (which includes Zycko, Wick Hill and SIPHON) has opened a new office in Zurich. Nuvias AG Schweiz gives Nuvias complete coverage across the DACH region and complements its existing offices in Germany (Munich, Hamburg and Berlin) and Austria. Helge Scherff, Regional Vice President, Central for Nuvias, said: "our business in Switzerland, which we have been servicing from our German office, has been growing, so we decided to open a Swiss office, with both sales and technical personnel to support our customers there. We want to act as a true local partner to the local reseller base, providing the service and support they need. We have already appointed sales and technical staff to the office and will be building the numbers during the coming months. Besides providing local support, the Swiss office will also have access to the portfolio and facilities available to the wider Nuvias Group across EMEA."

A key motivator in opening the office was Nuvias' appointment by Riverbed as a Swiss distributor, an extension of Nuvias' existing EMEA distribution agreement with the networking vendor. Zycko (now part of the Nuvias Group) has been a Riverbed distributor since 2005, and is the most extensively resourced, qualified, experienced and successful Riverbed distributor in EMEA. The new office allows Nuvias to give Riverbed the best service and support at a local level in Switzerland.

Paul Eccleston, CEO of Nuvias, commented: "Nuvias has traded successfully in Switzerland for many years, through Zycko and Wick Hill. The growth of our business in Switzerland, and the opportunities we see here, are the reason for opening this new office. We see this is as a serious commitment to the territory, and in particular to Riverbed, with significant opportunities for local resellers. As planned, we are extending our reach in EMEA to bring the highest quality of service and support to our channel partners across the region."


Nuvias AG Schweiz

Nuvias AG Schweiz
Europaallee 41
CH-8021 Zürich
Phone : +41 (0)44 214 60 50
Website :
E-mail :


General manager : Mr Helge Scherff (*** ****** *******)
Sales director : Mr Marcel Künzenbach (*** ****** ********)


Creation year : 2017
RCS/Handelsregisternummer/registro delle imprese : CH-
VAT number : CHE373488260
Indirect turnover : 100%
National/regional/export split : 99/0/1
Export : Switzerland
VAD : Networks, security
Main brands : LifeSize, MalwareBytes, Mellanox Technologies, Prolabs, Riverbed
Clients : Associations, cabling companies, consultants, corporate resellers, dealers, IT consulting and service providers, service providers, specialized resellers, systems integrators, VAR
Employees : 7 people


Cabling and connectivity
AV cables and connectivity
Fibre channel/SAN cables and connectivity
Mellanox Technologies
Network cables and connectivity
LifeSize, Microsemi (PowerDSine)
Optical cables and connectivity
Mellanox Technologies, Prolabs
Power cables and connectivity
VGA, DVI and HDMI cables and connectivity

Acceleration hardware and software
Mellanox Technologies, Riverbed
Audio and video servers
Bandwidth management
A10 Networks, LifeSize, Riverbed
Bridges, gateways and routers
LifeSize, Nokia Networks, Riverbed (Ocedo)
Cache servers
Emulation and virtualization software
Nokia Networks
IP cameras
Load balancing
A10 Networks, Riverbed
Management and supervision software and hardware
ExtraHop Networks, LifeSize, Mellanox Technologies, Riverbed, Riverbed (Ocedo), Tenable Network Security
Network adapters
Mellanox Technologies
ExtraHop Networks, Riverbed
Mellanox Technologies, Nokia Networks, Riverbed (Ocedo)
Test products
Transceivers and repeaters
Wireless access points
Nokia Networks, Riverbed (Ocedo)

MalwareBytes, Trustwave (M86 Security)
MalwareBytes, Trustwave (M86 Security)
MalwareBytes, Trustwave (M86 Security)
A10 Networks, HID (Identity Assurance), Thalès, Trustwave
HID (Identity Assurance)
Content filtering
Macmon secure, MalwareBytes, Trustwave (M86 Security)
HID (Identity Assurance), Thalès, Thales (nCipher)
Intrusion protection
NetScout Systems (Arbor Networks)
Log analysis
Tenable Network Security
Physical access control
HID (Identity Assurance)
Security appliances (UTM)
Trustwave (M86 Security)
Traffic monitoring
Riverbed, Trustwave (M86 Security)
Vulnerability management
Tenable Network Security

Added value
After-sale service
A10 Networks, Riverbed
ASP and xAAS
LifeSize, Riverbed
Financing solutions
Security as a Service
A10 Networks, ExtraHop Networks, HID (Identity Assurance), LifeSize, NetScout Systems (Arbor Networks), Riverbed, Tenable Network Security, Thales (nCipher), Trustwave (M86 Security)
Warranty extensions
LifeSize, Riverbed

Management software
Black Duck Software

Other storage hardware
SAN servers

HID (Identity Assurance)

Telecommunications (IP)
Phone and voice-over-IP