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Intact introduces SODA, a skills on demand solution

South Africa: software specialist distributor Intact Software Distribution is bringing Skills on Demand (SODA), an on-demand supplier of professional services covering security, virtualisation, cloud, networking and data centres, to the African market through its offices in Kenya and South Africa. According to Simon Campbell-Young, CEO of Intact, SODA is an ideal solution for customers who are looking for a specific skill or service for a certain period of time. The SODA gateway harnesses the potential of under-utilised skills found within the channel and white-labels or rebrands these services for resale to other SODA partners or customers. "It's on-demand and it's geared for a global roll-out. SODA's professional services are certified, cross-platform and brand, and are vendor endorsed", he says. "The sheer number of solutions needed to move, store, manage, secure and virtualise data in today's complex environments puts technology partners under enormous pressure to have the necessary skills in place to cover all these areas, let alone be able to service their customers."

Having these skills in house has been the norm, he says, as they are needed to fulfil contractual agreements with vendor partners and clients, and this translates into excess or under-utilised skills within the channel. "Of course, this cost is transferred up the line to the customer at the end of the day. Moreover, excess skills come with other challenges, such as retention, and operational costs." He says there aren't many resellers and distributors who can afford the economies of scale needed to hold professional service skills across all brands, technologies and platforms on a permanent basis. "SODA allows these businesses to fill any gaps in their skillsets as an when they are needed, and only for as long as they are needed." Campbell-Young says SODA captures, vets and consolidates all these skills onto its gateway, enabling resellers and customers to find and utilise skills and services on demand, as they need them, and anywhere, irrespective of whether under their own brand, or as a white-label service. "We have also received fantastic feedback from independent contractors looking for work on a contractual basis. Many highly skilled contractors are now looking to work for themselves, and we have the perfect ability to 'bill them out' on an ad-hoc basis. They have skills, and are happy to work. Effectively we are looking to 'Uberise' this segment of the market", he explains.

In terms of the technologies that SODA services, he says the company covers security, cloud, networking, virtualisation and storage. These cover areas such as software applications, convergence, BI and analytics, CRM, accounting, and IoT too. "As we bed the platform down across the current geography, we will start to work with partners who share our vision in other territories. SODA is an ideal fit for us as we centre our offerings around customer satisfaction and providing all-round peace of mind to our clients. SODA will help us on that journey. Intact, through its management team, has the knowledge and experience, and is well positioned to bring all the benefits that SODA offers to South African customers", concludes Campbell-Young.

Intact wins InfoWatch distribution rights

South Africa: security specialist Intact Software Distribution has won the distribution rights to the InfoWatch range of internal and external threat protection solutions, namely InfoWatch Traffic Monitor, InfoWatch Attack Killer and InfoWatch Аppercut. Andrey Sokurenko, InfoWatch deputy international sales director, says: "South Africa is a country with a developed manufacturing industry, in particular, mining industry, metallurgy, etc. At that, according to InfoWatch Analytical Center expert estimations, yearly industrial and manufacturing companies suffer multimillion losses from external attacks on infrastructure as well as internal insider threats (data leaks, damage and loss, industrial espionage, sabotage etc). This damage does not only lead to loss of revenue and increase in the cost of manufactures for customers, but also poses serious risks to manufacturing secrets and damages company reputation. InfoWatch is ready to offer local companies its advanced solutions, specially developed for eliminating business risks and preventing internal information security threats. For active market penetration we build a strong team of dedicated partners such as Intact Security, that have showed excellent performance as a very active and effective partner already at the stage of partnership negotiation." (source: IT Online South Africa).

News from Intact Software Distribution, Nology and Rectron

Africa: South African security specialist Intact Software Distribution has opened an office in Kenya as a step to expand its reach and service the channel across Africa in a better fashion. Nathan Wohoro will run the Kenyan operations for the distributor. He will bring years of experience and in-depth market knowledge as well as the technical expertise in information security. He will be responsible for overseeing business development, and will work closely with local channel partners and end-users throughout Kenya, and the region as a whole. Talking about the opening of Intact Software Distribution East Africa in Nairobi that will service the East Africa region the CEO for Intact, Simon Campbell-Young said: "this expansion into East Africa is part of the distributor's ongoing growth strategy. Kenya is a rich and exciting economy and is very much under-represented in terms of security tools and solutions."

3CX, a developer of software IPBX, has announced that South African network and mobility specialist Nology has become an official distributor of 3CX. In partnering with 3CX, Nology has demonstrated its commitment to continue its legacy of innovation. Alex Bantjes, Product Manager Nology, said: "Nology constantly strives to provide a comprehensive product portfolio that caters to the needs of our ITSP, telco and system integrator partners. As part of Nology's strategy we endeavour to align ourselves with the best solutions and products that cater to the unique requirements of our industry and clients. 3CX offers Nology an excellent opportunity to provide a tried-and-tested IP PBX platform, while entering a new market segment that Nology has not traditionally been associated with. Our clients love 3CX and Nology is proud to empower its partners with a truly best-of-breed solution." Greg Garrett, Regional Sales Manager for 3CX, added: "3CX customers and partners in South Africa are going to greatly benefit from this co-operation. Bringing over 15 years of experience to the table and working with some of the biggest brands in the industry, 3CX is happy to join forces with Nology and we look forward to expanding our presence in the South African Market."

Broadliner Rectron has acquired a majority stake in ERP software development company Palladium. "We are extremely excited about our investment in Palladium and making our mark in the growing South African software ecosystem. Palladium aligns well with Rectron's strategy to grow its cloud and software business", says Spencer Chen, MD of Rectron. "Not only will Palladium add value to Rectron's product line, but we believe that Rectron's broad-based resellers will benefit from using the in-house developed ERP software too, as it is feature-packed with functionality that would ordinarily only be available to larger corporates. It also gives our resellers the opportunity to stand out in the over-saturated ERP software market." (source: ChannelPost MEA and IT Online South Africa).

Cognosec enters exclusive agreement to acquire Intact Software Distribution

Swedish cybersecurity editor Cognosec has signed an exclusive agreement with South African software specialist Intact Software Distribution. The acquisition is in line with Cognosec's strategy to expand business areas to cover the sale and distribution of software technologies over the internet. The transaction will include the acquisition of 100% of outstanding shares for a consideration of approximately €255,0001 comprised of €51,000 cash and €204,000 Cognosec AB new issue shares. The transaction will be completed by Cognosec AB subsidiary, Credence Security. There will be no other impact on Cognosec AB's balance sheet. Intact Software Distribution is a specialist Digital Software Distribution Business, distributing cyber security solutions by portal and established by pioneers of digital software distribution. The Company provides a focused approach to support and technical knowledge transfer in association with the distribution channel. Where required, the Company can provide assistance with implementation of the products. Intact Security is specifically focused on customer satisfaction, providing and all-round peace of mind scenario which results in collaborative engagements facilitating each client's needs and requirements.

Intact Software Distribution complements the recent acquisition of A-Tek Distribution (in South Africa and the United Kingdom) by Cognosec and is positioned as a New Age Distribution Business, enabling global access to the vast Enterprise & SME markets with Pay-as-you-Use and Software-as-a-Service cyber security solutions. The technology platform provides significant scalability and global advantages through innovative distribution methodologies.

The acquisition of Intact Software Distribution improves Cognosec's competitive advantage for both vendors and customers alike. This addition also expands Credence Security's current product portfolio to incorporate cyber security solutions for secure operation centers, network operation centers, datacenters, mobile platforms, virtualized environments as well as providing critical fraud prevention solutions into the technology, media, telecommunications, financial and public sectors.

Commenting on the acquisition of the business by Cognosec, Simon Campbell-Young, Intact Software Distribution's Co-founder & CEO, says: "this will provide Intact Software Distribution the opportunity to scale on many different levels, both in terms of addressing enterprises' critical requirements for cyber defenses and, through adding established geographical presences through the Cognosec and Credence Security networks."

Patrick Boylan, Group MD of Cognosec, commented: "the acquisition of Intact Software Distribution provides Cognosec with further unique selling propositions and strengthens our core positioning versus the competition in this exciting and dynamic environment. This is a perfect combination and natural fit which will create tremendous growth, synergy along with enhanced streams of profitability."

Intact in partnership with F-Secure

South Africa: software specialist Intact Software Distribution has been named official Southern African distributor of the F-Secure range of security software solutions. Michael Dahl, region head of F-Secure, says the company is looking to grow its footprint across the continent and a distribution partner will offer local clients a range of both its home and business security products. "With research showing an increasing number of sophisticated and targeted attacks against businesses, the need for a holistic approach to cyber security is at an all-time high. Cyber security comes down to predicting and preventing breaches, detecting any incidents that occur, and then responding intelligently and quickly to lessen their impact. This takes a combination of human expertise and software scalability, which we are able to offer. We are happy to join forces with a company that provides expertise in implementing cyber security solutions tailor-made to defend customers from the latest threats."

Lutz Blaeser, MD of Intact, says the company is proud to be the first official distributor: "the company is proud to be appointed an official distributor for Southern Africa and looking forward to a strong partnership." Jukka Puputti, Regional Director at F-Secure, says: "the products have historically been managed in the region by ISA who is committed to continue as an F-Secure official Distributor. I'm happy with the long term partnership with ISA over these many years and thrilled to have a new partnership with Intact for boosting our operations in the Southern African region." Simon Campbell-Young, CEO of Intact, adds the deal is in line with the company's strategy of providing a complete range of security software solutions to the local market: "F-Secure employs a 'live security' approach that combines advanced technology and the latest lessons and insights its team of cyber security specialists bring back from real-world situations. This means its products continually and consistently improve users' ability in the four dimensions that are vital to IT security: predict, prevent, detect and respond." (source: IT Web South Africa)


Intact Software Distribution

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