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EET Europarts unlocks the full flavour with Smart Wine Monitor

Multispecialist EET Europarts has become the official distributor of the Kelvin K2 Smart Wine Monitor, a personal Sommelier which makes sure wines have the perfect temperature when served.

There's nothing quite like a good glass of wine with a delicious dinner. But do you know at which temperature to serve your favourite wine? Most people don't. White wine is often served too cold and red wine too warm, which affects the taste and aroma. Kelvin K2 is the number one wine-improving product in the world. With Kelvin K2 smart wine monitor it's easy to achieve the perfect temperature and ultimately the perfect wine experience – whether you're serving red, white or rosé. The taste of wine is made up of many key elements, many of which are dramatically affected by temperature. Wine will only be at its best when served at the recommended serving temperature.

Kelvin K2 is suitable for all wine types. Simply strap it around the bottle, even if the wine is in the refrigerator, and the monitor sends temperature information to your smartphone. The free app then lets you know when your wine is ready to serve. The free Kelvin K2 app contains knowledge of more than 200 wine types and styles. The smart wine monitor is easy to use, and will automatically and wireless connect with your mobile phone.

The Kelvin K2 Smart Wine Monitor is available through EET Europarts offices in Austria, Belgium, Czechia, Denmark, Egypt, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Romania, Russia, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Ukraine and the United Kingdom.

CipherLab signs with EET Europarts for new push in Europe

Multispecialist EET Europarts has added CipherLab's innovative handheld computers and barcode scanners to the POS & Auto-ID portfolio. The newly signed distribution agreement makes CipherLabs's comprehensive product range available for resellers via EET Europarts' sales offices in Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Ireland, the Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland and the United Kingdom ad well as French speaking Africa through EET Europart's office in France. "We are delighted to team up with EET Europarts, who will be able to bring our products to the notice of Europe's specialist auto-ID and data capture resellers and system integrators", says Vita Chang, Director at CipherLab Europe. "Our reseller partners will benefit from locally-based industry expertise and fast fulfilment thanks to EET Europarts´ sophisticated international logistics centre in Denmark."

CipherLab's expertise is at the convergence of scanning, mobile computing, and business process design. The company provides everything needed to solve AIDC needs - including quality hardware with custom software for almost every application. "CipherLab is an exciting addition to our AIDC offering", says Richard Gregoire, EMEA Director, POS & Auto-ID at EET Group. "Our extensive channel reach will be a key asset in CipherLab's European growth programme, and CipherLab's new Android-based enterprise devices are sure to be a massive hit within our international reseller community."

Double acquisition consolidates EET Europarts' Pro-AV business

Scandinavia: multispecialist EET Europarts has acquired Danish AV VAD DS-Display and its Swedish counterpart Projektor System. Both companies are well-reputed market leaders in their home markets. Group CEO at EET Group, John Thomas says: "Acquisitions are an important part of our overall growth strategy, and a contributing factor to our successful growth of the Pro-AV & Digital Signage business. During the last two years we have grown the business substantially, both organic as well as through acquisitions. Our ambition is to become one of the leading distributors within Pro-AV & Digital Signage in Europe before 2020, and these two recent acquisitions are definitely two more important steps in that direction. The acquisitions of DS Display and Projektor System will add new competences and important brands to our portfolio. E.g. DS-Display will bring EPSON products into our portfolio, a very important brand, which will strengthen our proposition to the customers. Furthermore, and equally important, these acquisitions will bring even more skilled and specialized employees into our organization, strengthening our value-added services to our customers, in the form of support and counselling for Pro-AV & Digital Signage projects."

As part of the two acquisitions, EET Europarts will take over a strong team of experienced employees from DS-Display and Projektor System. Furthermore, Simon Kaas, CEO at DS-Display, will join EET Europarts as Sales Director, Pro-AV & Digital Signage, and Lars-Åke Tedebo, CEO at Projektor System, will be contracted to EET Europarts as a consultant. CEO at DS-Display, Simon Kaas, says: "I am really fascinated by EET Europarts´ business model. The ability to build a strong product and brand portfolio, supporting both the wide customer segment as well as niche customers, as a One-stop-Shop distributor, is really an impressive accomplishment. I look very much forward to bringing our long-time experience from DS-Display further, and being able to offer our customers the advantages of both EET Europarts' One-stop-Shop assortment and its e-trade platform, as well as its state-of-the-art logistics set-up."

EET Europarts is continuously on the lookout for companies that show interest in being acquired. Currently several companies are in the pipeline. Group CEO John Thomas says: "Historically we have been very successful in performing acquisitions. We have clearly demonstrated that we are able to develop and grow the acquired business activities significantly with our expertise, our business model and our wide distribution network throughout Europe and Africa. Therefore, acquisitions are continuously an important part of our growth strategy, and we are always on the lookout for new acquisition opportunities. We expect to complete more acquisitions within Pro-AV & Digital Signage in near future."

EET Europarts expands channel reach for AOPEN as new Distributor for Signage and Video Surveillance

Taiwan-based vendor AOPEN extends the reach of hardware in Europe with the appointment of multispecialist EET Europarts as new distributor. For AOPEN this means a new partner specifically for the Video Surveillance and Signage market, focusing on new business and new regions. Minouche van den Berg, Marketing Manager at AOPEN Europe, says: "EET Europarts is the perfect partner of choice here, because of its strong presence in both the Digital Signage and Video Surveillance markets. These two markets are, among others, our target markets for 2017. We are excited about the partnership, and look forward to seeing how this new distribution agreement will give the AOPEN successes a big boost. It is an important step in advancing AOPEN's growth and ambitions in the different verticals we are entering."

"We are very pleased with this new distribution agreement", says Claus Calmar, Group Business Manager, Pro AV & Digital Signage at EET Group. "The AOPEN assortment fits perfectly into the EET Europarts range. Furthermore, our Pan-European distribution and our very skilled sales staff and product teams within Digital Signage and Video Surveillance, will provide the best possible launch pad for the extention of the AOPEN hardware platform in Europe."

The AOPEN hardware platform consists of the following ranges: the Digital Engine platform, the eTILE range and the new Video Surveillance solutions. All are available through EET offices in Austria, Belgium, Czechia, Denmark, Egypt, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Romania, Russia, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Ukraine and the United Kingdom.

EET Europarts enters the Smart Home business and adds Intelligent Heating products from European market leader tado° to the portfolio

Scandinavia: focus on the Smart Home business is part of broadliner and sparepart specialist EET Europarts' growth strategy for the coming years. A new partnership and Nordic distribution agreement with German tado°, European market leader in intelligent home climate control solutions, is already in place and more distribution agreements are in the pipeline.

"The Internet of Things is set to disrupt the way we live. Lots of smart home IoT devices have already hit the market and made their way into thousands of households around the world", says Group CEO John Thomas, EET Group. "tado° is a European market leader in intelligent home climate control solutions, and the partnership and distribution agreement with tado° will provide us the perfect launch pad to build the Smart Home category with additional products. Smart heating control devices are vital for the Smart Home category, since smart thermostats are currently one of the most important technologies within the smart home that generates measurable value of savings and comfort. Therefore we are excited to enter the Smart Home business alongside tado°, and we believe our dealers and customers in the installation business will really benefit from this."

The agreement includes distribution rights for the complete tado° product portfolio in Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden, and the first products are ready to be launched.

tado° products connect old and new heating systems to the internet with Smart Thermostats for the benefit of residents, resulting in better control, comfort and up to 31 per cent energy savings. The new Smart Radiator Thermostats extend tado°s technology into homes that do not have their own central heating system and to those who would like multi-zone and individual radiator control. It is also the only radiator thermostat on the market that can use geolocation-based control and automation. The tado° third generation (v3) with expanded platform connectivity makes tado° attractive for different user groups. One example of this is Alexa (Amazon Echo) making voice-controlled heating a reality. Another feature gives users the ability to customise home scenarios through IFTTT and Echo. "Smart heating has emerged as an integral part of any connected home and we're delighted to partner with EET Europarts to offer Europe's leading smart thermostat portfolio to Scandinavia", announces tado° CEO Christian Deilmann. "EET Europarts has a great track record of introducing pioneering technology to the Nordic market and we’re confident that the proven savings, comfort and convenience that tado° provides will be warmly embraced by consumers."

tado° products are certified and approved for Amazon Echo and IFTTT. First tado° products in the Smart Home category, and ready for launch, are the tado° v3 Smart Thermostat with comprehensive platform connectivity and the tado° Smart Radiator Thermostats for multi-room control. These brand new products for intelligent heating enable voice control and extended platform connectivity for every home and lifestyle. All products are compatible with Amazon Echo and IFTTT integration.


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