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Tech Data announces European distribution agreement with Worldsensing for Smart City Solution

Broadliner Tech Data has unveiled a European distribution agreement with Worldsensing, a recognised specialist in wireless technology and smart software solutions. Through the agreement, Tech Data will offer FastPrk, an Internet of Things (IoT)-based smart parking management system through its Smart IoT Solutions business practice, which offers validated, end-to-end solutions for systems integrators and service providers, enabling them to identify and drive new revenue opportunities. FastPrk is an intelligent parking management system that allows cities and operators to manage parking resources more efficiently and parking operators to generate additional revenue. The wireless system uses smart sensors installed in parking spaces, enabling parking operators to direct drivers to areas with vacancies via electronic panels and mobile applications. Fastprk also enables cities and operators to gain control over parking utilization, while implementing better strategies on monetization of parking in line with demand.

"As our cities continue to grow rapidly, there is an increasing need to invest in smart technology to become more efficient, better connected and more environmentally friendly. For example, helping drivers find parking spots quickly reduces traffic and lowers carbon dioxide emissions with less fuel wasted", said Victor Paradell, vice president, Tech Data Smart IoT & Analytics, EMEA. "Our agreement with a global IoT pioneer in smart cities and wireless infrastructure sensor networks like Worldsensing adds a game-changing component to our portfolio, allowing our partners provide connected operational intelligence solutions to their clients."

Ignasi Vilajosana, CEO and co-founder of Worldsensing, said: "Welcoming Tech Data as a strategic partner is a great step forward for us and a huge milestone for our commercial expansion. We are looking forward to working closely with the Tech Data team and enriching our sales process with their experience and know-how."

Worldsensing product should be available through Tech Data's IoT BUs in Austria, Belgium, Czechia, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey and the United Kingdom.

Tech Data extends Trusted Advisor Knowledge Hub

United Kingdom: broadliner Tech Data, through its Azlan value division, has extended its Trusted Advisor knowledge hub with the addition of the Data Centre Solutions area and two new vendor portals for IBM and Microsoft. In addition, it has announced that several further sections that are soon to be added, including Security, Next-generation Audiovisual, and vendor hubs for Cisco and Hewlett Packard Enterprise. Information on VMware, Oracle, Citrix and BlackBerry can also be found on the hub. There is also enhanced content for the Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) section, which has proved to be extremely popular. Through the Trusted Advisor programme, Tech Data provides a wealth of information on key solutions areas, helping resellers to understand technologies, identify opportunities and take them to market. It also helps them to both plan and deliver projects and support their customers in getting the best out of their investment.

Each of the Trusted Advisor hubs contains an extensive array of articles, guides and other knowledge development content. "Through the Trusted Advisor programme, we are aiming to provide resellers with the insights and understanding they need to drive growth in emerging areas of technology", said Helen Parsons, Marketing Projects and Programmes Manager for Azlan. "Each hub contains a wealth of informative and inspiring content that will enable resellers to build and develop the knowledge and capabilities of their sales and technical teams. In doing so, we help our customers to construct authentic, credible and differentiated value propositions and accelerate their capabilities in key areas of the market where there is significant growth and added value potential."

Azlan invests to give Cisco partners added momentum

United Kingdom: infrastructure VAD Azlan, the enterprise business of broadliner Tech Data, is making further investments in its Cisco Momentum programme, enhancing the scheme with two completely new elements that provide partners with additional opportunities to develop their sales and technical capabilities. Momentum Fundamentals is designed to give partners who are new to Cisco or have not sold the company’s technologies, or not worked with the company for some time, the resources to get their skills up to speed and their sales moving fast. It provides access to training and to specialist support staff who can assist resellers in getting Cisco-accredited. Also new is Momentum Boost, which provides a specific pathway for partners to become accredited in Cisco architectures for Data Centre, Networking, Collaboration, and Security. Attaining an accreditation in these areas gives resellers added benefits and opportunities to profit, and increases their status and standing with potential customers.

"The Momentum programme has been hugely successful in giving Cisco partners the support they need to grow, and the new investments we're making will make it even more valuable to many more resellers", said Huw Jones, Business Unit Director for Cisco at Azlan. "Many customers are now looking to revitalise their infrastructure for digital transformation and Cisco’s world-class technologies provide the perfect platform. There is good potential in the market for resellers with Cisco and the with the addition of the Fundamentals and Boost elements, we are giving more partners the opportunity to get involved, become Cisco-qualified and accelerate their sales."

Azlan is the market-leading Cisco distributor in Ireland and the United Kingdom. The Momentum programme provides resellers with access to multiple resources, including focused business development, technical support and training on key Cisco Architectures to accelerate partner enablement and fast-track partners to success.

Azlan announces new distribution agreement with Secret Double Octopus

Azlan, Tech Data Europe's infrastructure VAD division, has unveiled a pan-EMEA distribution agreement with Secret Double Octopus, a pioneer of keyless multi-shield authentication technology. Secret Double Octopus has developed a solution for the market that applies keyless authentication and identity protection for cloud, mobile, and IoT solutions. Secret Double Octopus' app helps companies to scale their network security and shift away from key-based authenticators, to a more secure keyless solution. With one tap, the authenticator app initiates a multi-shield authentication process for users in order to verify or reject the login attempt, payment or transaction.

David Harvey, director Security and Enterprise Networking Solutions at Azlan, says: "by bringing Secret Double Octopus into our vendor portfolio, Azlan enriches its security offering with an innovative solution that addresses customers' authentication challenges, is scalable and easy to deploy, and helps provide cost-effective security."

"For years, organizations have sought to educate employees about the importance of secure passwords and resisting phishing attacks, both of which have failed. It is time to replace the password", said Raz Rafaeli, CEO of Secret Double Octopus. "We are excited to expand our global footprint through this partnership with Azlan. We can offer the European market a strong authentication solution that will eliminate the need for passwords - a security vulnerability that accounts for two-thirds of data breaches."

Double Octopus products are available in the region through Azlan offices in Austria, Belgium, Czechia, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, India, Ireland, Italy, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey and the United Kingdom.

Tech Data expands industrial IoT offering with EpiSensor systems and sensors

Broadliner Tech Data has unveiled a new Europe-wide distribution agreement with EpiSensor, a specialist manufacturer of sensors and related systems for Industrial IoT environments. EpiSensor's offering includes an Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) hardware platform that enables customers to collect data with a variety of sensors and wireless infrastructure for simplified IoT network connectivity.

EpiSensor is now part of Tech Data's growing SmartForce IoT offering from its Smart IoT Solutions practice. The SmartForce offering comprises a portfolio of validated end-to-end solutions for systems integrators, value added resellers and service providers, providing them with the tools they need to deliver solutions and products quickly to the emerging IoT market.

Victor Paradell, vice president Tech Data Smart IoT & Analytics EMEA, said: "Tech Data is committed to providing our customers with all the building blocks they need to quickly build and scale reliable Industrial IoT solutions. We are pleased to add EpiSensor's industrial grade wireless sensors to our portfolio. The EpiSensor solution helps customers effectively collect data, and make better, more sustainable, business decisions that help reduce costs and increase efficiencies."

Brendan Carroll, EpiSensor CEO, said: "we are excited to announce this agreement with Tech Data. Industrial IoT is about specialised technology vendors working together to deliver better combined solutions than any one organisation could alone. We believe Tech Data's SmartForce IoT solutions portfolio enables partners to select the best technologies to work with, which is a challenge given the large number of IoT products and services available. EpiSensor's platform is designed to simplify the deployment of large scale Industrial IoT solutions that rely on real-world data. With access to Tech Data's extensive network of customers, we are looking forward to making EpiSensor technology available to a much wider audience."

Episensor products ought to be available through Tech Data offices in Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Czechia, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and the United Kingdom.


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Creation year : 1992
Company registration number : 01691472
VAT number : GB 385 5242 35
Annual turnover
2012 : 915,00 M€
2003 : 162,00 M€
2002 : 226,00 M€
2001 : 244,00 M€
2000 : 257,00 M€
Active resellers : 2100
Indirect turnover : 100%
Export : Ireland
VAD : Networks, security, storage
Main brands : Brocade (Foundry Networks), Cisco, Citrix, HPE Networking, IBM Software
Clients : Corporate resellers, dealers, installers, ISV, IT consulting and service providers, multispecialists, service providers, specialized resellers, systems integrators, telecom operators, VAR
Employees : 300 people


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