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Tech Data expands industrial IoT offering with EpiSensor systems and sensors

Broadliner Tech Data has unveiled a new Europe-wide distribution agreement with EpiSensor, a specialist manufacturer of sensors and related systems for Industrial IoT environments. EpiSensor's offering includes an Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) hardware platform that enables customers to collect data with a variety of sensors and wireless infrastructure for simplified IoT network connectivity.

EpiSensor is now part of Tech Data's growing SmartForce IoT offering from its Smart IoT Solutions practice. The SmartForce offering comprises a portfolio of validated end-to-end solutions for systems integrators, value added resellers and service providers, providing them with the tools they need to deliver solutions and products quickly to the emerging IoT market.

Victor Paradell, vice president Tech Data Smart IoT & Analytics EMEA, said: "Tech Data is committed to providing our customers with all the building blocks they need to quickly build and scale reliable Industrial IoT solutions. We are pleased to add EpiSensor's industrial grade wireless sensors to our portfolio. The EpiSensor solution helps customers effectively collect data, and make better, more sustainable, business decisions that help reduce costs and increase efficiencies."

Brendan Carroll, EpiSensor CEO, said: "we are excited to announce this agreement with Tech Data. Industrial IoT is about specialised technology vendors working together to deliver better combined solutions than any one organisation could alone. We believe Tech Data's SmartForce IoT solutions portfolio enables partners to select the best technologies to work with, which is a challenge given the large number of IoT products and services available. EpiSensor's platform is designed to simplify the deployment of large scale Industrial IoT solutions that rely on real-world data. With access to Tech Data's extensive network of customers, we are looking forward to making EpiSensor technology available to a much wider audience."

Episensor products ought to be available through Tech Data offices in Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Czechia, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and the United Kingdom.

Tech Data launches pan-European distribution agreement with Keonn Technologies

Broadliner Tech Data has unveiled a Europe-wide distribution agreement with Keonn, a manufacturer of radio frequency identification (RFID) hardware and software products. Keonn's RFID systems and components form a critical element in a range of Internet of Things (IoT) solutions for retail, logistics and asset management such as smart loss prevention, inventory management, asset tracking, point of sales and intelligent shopping. Keonn RFID systems and RFID components are now part of Tech Data's growing SmartForce IoT offering from its Smart IoT Solutions practice. The SmartForce offering comprises a portfolio of validated end-to-end solutions for systems integrators and service providers to quickly realize the benefits of bringing new digital services to market.

Victor Paradell, vice president Tech Data Smart IoT & Analytics EMEA, said: "Tech Data's Smart IoT Solutions practice is focused on developing solutions that cut through the perceived complexity of IoT and enable our channel partners to access and grow with this fast-emerging and transformational market opportunity. In the retail sector alone, analysts are predicting that IoT solutions could be worth up to €1.05 trillion by 2025. The addition of Keonn, a recognized leader in applied RFID technologies, fits our approach perfectly by enabling us to offer best-in-class RFID-based IoT solutions that deliver value and create smarter experiences in the highly competitive smart retail industry."

Ramir De Porrata-Doria, founder and CEO of Keonn, said: "we are very excited to work with Tech Data on their innovative SmartForce IoT solutions portfolio. We speak with customers across different industries every day, and many organizations – in particular in retail – are currently developing their digitization journey to transform their businesses. With the global reach, experience and trusted brand of Tech Data, we can get our technology into the hands of many solution providers in Europe and scale our business at much higher volumes and at a much higher speed than before."

Keonn products ought to be available through Tech Data offices in Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Czechia, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey and the United Kingdom.

Tech Data expands IoT offering through new agreement with Relayr

Broadliner Tech Data has announced that its Technology Solutions business, formerly a division of Avnet, has signed a new agreement with Berlin-based IoT solutions provider relayr, to supply its IoT middleware platform to partners across EMEA. IoT is driving the next wave of business productivity. One of the central challenges of IoT is aggregating the data collected by the different edge point devices and sensors necessary for transforming it into meaningful insights. relayr offers a comprehensive software solution offerings dealing with everything from device connectivity and management, dashborads and analytics device data aggregation and integration with 3rd-party applications, wrapped in a best practice architecture and structured methodology to help customers accelerate their journey from prototype to production with IoT. The relayr platform will harmonise heterogeneous data streams, making it far easier for IoT solution builders (typically device manufacturers, app developers and software companies) to innovate. At the front end of this is relayr's which structures a solution provider's approach to tackling an IoT project with relayr, by enabling them to gain clarity and momentum within their customer projects.

Craig Smith, director IoT and Analytics at Technology Solutions EMEA, says: "organisations are constantly looking to technology for a competitive advantage. We've seen well thought-out and executed IoT projects drastically improve business processes by increasing productivity and efficiency. Innovation in IoT is even re-inventing business models for end customers. Thanks to our partnership with relayr, companies can connect old assets and products to the cloud, enabling innovation in how companies gain insight into their business or deliver new services to their customers. To help accelerate the concept development process, Technology Solutions we will provide its partners with starter kits powered by relayr, including IoT gateway hardware and industrial grade sensors. In addition, partners will have access to IoT Kickstart Workshops to provide insight, knowledge and hands-on advice that they can leverage for IoT projects."

Josef Brunner, CEO at relayr, says: "we are excited to be joining Technology Solution's IoT ecosystem, which has everything you need from the sensors at the edge, through to the analytics. It is a perfect complement to relayr's IoT solutions and consulting. Moreover, Technology Solutions and its ecosystem of partners brings an incredible depth and breadth of skills across these different technology areas. So, with Technology Solutions' expertise and the relationships its partners have with their customers, we are expecting to be able to scale and accelerate the success we have already seen in the transport, government, manufacturing and retail sectors, in to industrial IoT."

Technology Solutions will also provide extensive sales enablement and hands-on training for partners on relayr's Cisco gateway product offering, relayr middleware, consumer-grade and industrial sensors. Technology Solutions' approach to IoT exemplifies how it is helping partners excel through specialisation while capitalising on the high-growth, next-generation technologies that are redefining the future.

Technology Solutions signed a contract with relayr in the US last November, and continues to make a big push into the Internet of Things (IoT) space through the expansion of the relayr partnership, now in the EMEA region through its offices in Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Czechia, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey and the United Kingdom.

Tech Data announces new management team

Czechia: broadliner Tech Data has introduced a new management team for the Czech Republic, following the successful completion of the acquisition of Avnet Technology Solutions. The current leaders of Tech Data and Technology Solutions in the Czech Republic, Tomáš Cígler and Pavel Salák, will remain in leadership positions in the new combined organisation. Tomáš Cígler, previously country manager of Tech Data Czech Republic, becomes Volume country leader, and Pavel Salák, previously country manager of Avnet Technology Solutions Czech Republic, becomes Value country leader. Cígler and Salák will also be responsible for the integration of the combined Tech Data and Technology Solutions businesses. Both managers directly report to Judith Ecker, regional vice-president, East, who was previously responsible for the East Region at Avnet Technology Solutions.

"Throughout my career with Avnet Technology Solutions, I have had the honour to work with many committed and valuable employees, and many vendor and customer partners that have made us successful in our region. I am pleased that in joining Tech Data, we shall have the opportunity to provide our services to an even bigger number of customers", says Salák.

"This is a winning combination for both our companies and I am looking forward to the new possibilities that the addition of Technology Solutions will bring", says Cígler. "We will focus on our partners having the opportunity to gain from a broader and more versatile portfolio of IT solutions than we have previously offered."

News from ALSO, Arrow ECS, Relnet, Venlan, Veracomp, Versim

Eastern Europe: in Czechia, infrastructure VAD Arrow ECS has hired Ondřej Mikuš from Azlan as business development manager for F5 Networks1. Italian vendor Chatsim has chosen young telephony specialist Venlan as its official distributor in the country for its chat-oriented, international SIMs2.

In Hungary, network and security VAD Relnet has added Commvault data management solutions and Pulse Secure mobile VPNs to its catalog.

Finally, in Poland, broadliner ALSO has become official distributor for Microsoft OEM products3. Until now, ALSO could distribute "only" Microsoft ESD, hardware, CSP, Xbox and Surface products. Value-added broadliner Veracomp has strengthened its consumer division with Arozzi gaming chairs. And network and security VAD Versim has been appointed distributor by PAM (Privilege Access Management) vendor Bomgar4 (source: Reseller Magazine Česko 1 and 2, CRN Polska 3 and 4).


Azlan + Technology Solutions Česko

Azlan + Technology Solutions Česko
Budova Jupiter - Explora Business Centre
Bucharova 2641/14
CZ-158 00 Praha 5
Phone : +420 225 299 111
Fax : +420 225 299 007
Website :
E-mail :


Vice-president : Mr Jonas Elmgren (*** ****** ********* ** *)
Vice-president : Mr János Kurel (*** ****** *******)
General manager : Mr Pavel Salák (*** ****** *******)
General manager : Mr Pavel Salák (*** ****** *******)
General manager : Mr Jonas Elmgren (*** ****** ********* ** *)
Deputy Executive Officer : Mr Jan Dvořák (*** ****** ********)
CFO : Mrs Irena Pangrácová (*** ****** ********* **)
Sales director : Mr Dan Ševčík (*** ****** ********)
Sales manager : Mr Pavel Klimuškin (*** ****** ********* *)
Sales manager : Mrs Pavlína Müllerová (*** ****** ********* *)
Sales manager : Mr Igor Cucor (*** ****** *******)
Sales manager : Mrs Adriana Puskajlerová (*** ****** ********* ** *)
Sales manager : Mr Ján Zradula (*** ****** *********)
Division director or manager : Mr Vlastimil Horák (*** ****** *******)
Division director or manager : Mr Petr Douda (*** ****** *******)
Division director or manager : Mr Jaroslav Schiller (*** ****** ********* )
Communication director or manager : Mrs Lenka Uzun (*** ****** ******)
Market manager : Mr Radek Šenfeld (*** ****** *********)
Market manager : Mr Radim Kraut (*** ****** *******)
Market manager : Mr Petr Homola (*** ****** ********)
Product manager : Mr Vratislav Kašpar (*** ****** ********)
Product manager : Mr David Tuček (*** ****** *******)
Product manager : Mr Vít Martinec (*** ****** ********* )
Product manager : Mr Pavel Řehánek (*** ****** *********)
Product manager : Mr Odlřich Nussberger (*** ****** ********* **)
Market manager : Mr Antonín Charvát (*** ****** *********)


Creation year : 1992
IČO : 40767701
VAT number : CZ 40 767 701
Annual turnover
2002 : 12,06 M€
2001 : 8,93 M€
2000 : 8,93 M€
Indirect turnover : 100%
National/regional/export split : 100/0/0
VAD : Networks, security, storage
Main brands : Avaya, Cisco, Citrix, HPE Networking, IBM Software
Clients : Corporate resellers, dealers, installers, ISV, IT consulting and service providers, multispecialists, service providers, specialized resellers, systems integrators, telecom operators, VAR


Value added services
After-sale consulting, after-sale service, architecture design, audit, authorized training centre, BTO, business plan help, co-marketing funds, configuration help, customer loyalty program, demo products, demos, direct shipping to final client, e-mailing, field sales staff, hardware installation, help with specifications write-up, hot-line, information newsletter, lead generation, logistics, manufacturer certifications, modeling, network management, on-site quote, on-site training, personalized help, pre-sale consulting, product catalog, product loan, project management help, project monitoring and control, regular special offers, retail-dedicated sales staff, sales help, seminar centre, shipments tracking, show-room, software customization, system integration, technical deployment, technology watch, telemarketing, training centre, transfer of skills
Financial services
Advance payment, automatic transfer, bank garanty, cash, cash on delivery, cash with order, cash with trade discount, cheque, credit card, credit insurance, delegation of payment, draft, factoring, financing solutions, leasing, part payment, personal outstanding, personalized terms of payment, stock financing, term of payment, transfer of debts
Minimum delivery time
National : 24 hour(s)
International : 48 hour(s)