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News from 100Mega, ABC Data, Arrow ECS, ASBIS, AT Computers and Ingram Micro

Central Europe: in Poland, broadliner ABC Data has expanded its mobility portfolio with Tomtom navigation systems. Broadliner 100Mega Distribution has been appointed official distributor by Vivax for its lines of household products as well as TV, audio systems and smartphones in both Czechia and Slovakia1. Infrastructure VAD Arrow ECS has hired Kateřina Opočenská as account manager, in charge of developing relationships with existing customers in Czechia2. Broadliner ASBIS CZ has started the distribution of Tesla batteries and toner cartridges3. Its competitor AT Computers has inked an exclusive distribution partnership with disaster recovery editor Xopero, covering the Czechia market4. Finally, broadliner Ingram Micro has added Star Micronics POS printers to its offer for both Czech and Slovak markets5 (source: CRN Polska, Reseller Magazine Online Česko 1, 3 and 4, Channel World Česko 2 and 5).

Evolutions in the portfolios of AB, ABC Data, Action and Eptimo

Poland: broadliner AB SA has ended its 9-year old partnership with Xerox for undisclosed reasons1. At the same time, the distributor has started to offer the full collection of Xbox One products (console, accessories and games) from Microsoft in the country2. ABC Data, one of its competitors, has inked a distribution deal with Triumph Adler, covering its line of multifunctions as well as related software and print supplies3. Action SA, another major local distributor, has unveiled a distribution deal with local vendor Telkom, which is specialized in cabling products and antennas4. Finally, infrastructure VAD Eptimo has added Symantec endpoint protection products to its catalog5 (source: CRN Polska 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5).

AB, ABC Data, Tech Data and Veracomp sign new partners

Eastern Europe: Polish broadliner AB SA has been chosen by ZyXEL as official distributor for its network products1. Its competitor ABC Data has expanded its 3D printing offer with CraftUnique 3D printers and filaments2. Beside Poland, the deal also covers Czechia, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Romania and Slovakia. In Poland again, broadliner Tech Data has been appointed by Micron as official distributor for its Ballistix and Crucial-branded memory modules and SSD3. Finally, multispecialist Veracomp has added Flowmon's network monitoring tools to its catalog (source: CRN Polska 1, 2 and 3).

AB rides the bike while ALSO hires and Ingram and Veracomp pick up new vendors

Poland: broadliner AB SA has expanded its portfolio with TrybEco, a local brand of electric bikes1. These products are part of the strategy of the company to expand beyond the IT market. Broadliner ALSO has hired Paweł Umiński as Commercial Sales Director2. Paweł has worked in the past for companies such as Emerson (now Vertiv) or ABC Data. The mobility division of Ingram Micro has inked a deal with French vendor Archos, whose tablets, smartphones and related products it will distribute in the country3. Finally, French privileged access management vendor Wallix has appointed multispecialist Veracomp as an official distributor (source: CRN Polska 1, 2 and 3).

ABC Data to roll out its own cloud marketplace

Polish broadliner ABC Data is planning to launch its own cloud services platform in the coming months. The firm currently offers an e-commerce platform named InterLink, but will now offer its partners cloud services from its vendor portfolio through a subscription-based model. Weiss said the cloud platform - which will be called CloudLink - is still in its early stages of development and could not name vendors involved, but said "dozens" of local and global vendors have already expressed an interest. "It depends on how quickly we will be able to fill the platform with our vendors. It is in the early stages; I am talking to vendors at the moment. The cloud platform will offer a subscription-based service model and give us a competitive advantage in the market so we are able to serve our customers better", said Ilona Weiss, ABC Data's CEO. The cloud platform will become available throughout all of its eight territories upon launch, including Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Romania and Slovakia (source: Channelnomics Europe).



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Creation year : 1990
REGON : 006470994
VAT number : PL 118-00-14-598
Annual turnover
2015 : 1 161,10 M€
2014 : 1 331,53 M€
2013 : 1 148,98 M€
2012 : 905,68 M€
2011 : 803,00 M€
Active resellers : 9000
Indirect turnover : 100%
National/regional/export split : 66/0/34
Main brands : Acer, Canon, Dell Technologies, Fujitsu Technology Solutions, Microsoft
Clients : Assemblers (10%), dealers (54%), semi-distributors (10%), specialized retailers (22%), telecom operators (4%)
Employees : 325 people