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Merlion on the phone with Lenovo

Russia: broadliner Merlion has started the distribution of Motorola-branded smartphones by Lenovo through its reseller network. Given the popularity of the Motorola brand in the country, Merlion intends to strengthen its position in the mobile telephony market and expects a turnaround in this direction in the second quarter. "This market for the leaders of the distribution industry is one of the most stable and promising. Despite all the crisis phenomena, this year it demonstrates growth both in units (9%) and in value (12%) from year to year. Trends in this segment show a significant increase in competition from vendors to the advantage, as a result, of the most famous vendors, hence Motorola, which has set trends for many years in both design and innovation technologies", says Tatyana Skokova, distribution director of the Broadband Distribution Division of Merlion.

Elittech distributes TCL, while Merlion acquires DSCon

Russia: AV VAD Elittech has expanded its portfolio with TCL LED televisions1. The same week, broadliner Merlion has unveiled the acquisition, for an undisclosed amount, of storage VAD DSCon, which will strengthen its own VAD division2. DSCon had an office in Czech Republic, now closed, as well as representatives in Belarus and Ukraine (source: CRN Rossiya 1 and 2).

Merlion acquires Silwerhof brand

Russia: broadliner Merlion has acquired the local brand of office supply products Silwerhof for an undisclosed amount. The goal will be to expand the offer and get an exclusivity on what is a major brand on this market in the country (source: Astera Rossiya).

3Logic reviews its strategy, while Axoft enters Azerbaijan, Merlion hires and signs Rubetek

CIS: following the crisis related to Russia's war on Ukraine and the related international sanctions, Russian PC component specialist 3Logic has decided to start to restructure its business1. If it will not stop distribution, it will focus on PC and server building, among which its Crusader server offer. Russian software specialist Axoft continues to expand, as its has opened a new sales office in Baku. Axoft Azerbaijan is managed by Oksana Stepenko and will push a selection of Axoft vendors throughout the country. Finally, broadliner Merlion has expanded its portfolio with Rubetek home automation products. The distributor has also promoted Dmitry Vinogradov to its new CEO2, replacing incumbent Sergei Raskolov who left the company (source: CRN Rossiya 1 and 2, Infocity Azərbaycan, Astera Rossiya).

New vendors for Axoft, Landata and Merlion

Russia: software specialist Axoft has been appointed by cloud system management editor Datastorm as an official distributor in the whole CIS region, thanks to Axoft offices in Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Ukraine and Uzbekistan. Infrastructure VAD Landata has added the videoconferencing solutions from local vendor Vinteo to its catalog1. Finally, broadliner Merlion has expanded its white goods offer with StarWind home appliances2 (source: CRN Rossiya 1 and 2).


Merlion, ZAO

Merlion, ZAO
VTs Kubik - Blok B
Bul. Stroiteley, 4
RU-143407 Krasnogorsk
Phone : +7 (8)495 981 84 84
Website :
E-mail :

Other offices
RU-620210 Yekaterinburg
Phone : +7 (8)343 270 89 86
RU-630028 Novosibirsk
Phone : +7 (8)383 319 15 27
RU-344065 Rostov na Donu
Phone : +7 (8)863 210 22 47
RU-195248 Sankt Peterburg
Phone : +7 (8)812 648 02 32
RU-443110 Samara
Phone : +7 (8)846 276 88 00
RU-603014 Nizhny Novgorod
Phone : +7 (8)831 261 51 51


CEO : Mr Dmitry Vinogradov (*** ****** ********* **)
Chairman of the Executive Board : Mr Aleksei Abramov (*** ****** *********)
Sales director : Mrs Tatiana Andreeva
Sales director : Mr Sergei Raskolov (*** ****** ********* )
Sales director : Mr Igor Sundukov
Sales director : Mr Roman Siromyatnikov
Marketing director : Mr Denis Maltsev (*** ****** *******)
Division director or manager : Mr Vladimir Ovchinnikov
Division director or manager : Mr Vladislav Ivachev
Division director or manager : Mr Vladimir Deryabin
Purchase director or manager : Mr Anton Lukianov
Human resources manager : Mr Alexksandr Glushkov
Department manager : Mr Dmitry Vinogradov (*** ****** ********* **)
Product manager : Mr Konstantin Shatalov (*** ****** ********* )
Product manager : Mr Alexandr Kornveits


Creation year : 1992
OKPO (Obchesoyouzni kod predpriyatii i organizatsii) : 71614834
VAT number : 7703505110
Annual turnover
2014 : 3 752,71 M€
2013 : 3 352,76 M€
2012 : 3 010,18 M€
2011 : 2 176,18 M€
2010 : 1 658,56 M€
Active resellers : 5500
Indirect turnover : 89%
National/regional/export split : 47/38/15
Export : Belarus, Moldova, Ukraine
Main brands : Canon, Dell Technologies, HP Inc., Lenovo, Samsung
Clients : Assemblers (39%), dealers (23%), specialized retailers (22%), VAR (16%)
Employees : 8884 people