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News from Koch Media, Michael Telecom and Tech Data

Germany: gaming specialist Koch Media has partnered with THQ Nordic to distribute its latest titles in the country. Telecom and telephony specialist Michael Telecom has hired Andreas Schulz as business development manager, in charge of its new Digital Signage BU. Finally, broadliner Tech Data has expanded its catalog with D-Link and TP-Link smart home solutions (source: CRN Deutschland, Telecom Handel Deutschland and IT Reseller Schweiz).

News from Acmeo, Adveo, BBnet-Media, Comm-Tec, Michael Telecom, Scansource Imago and Siewert & Kau

Germany: cloud VAD Acmeo has added Oneclick application delivery platform to its offer1. Print supply specialist Adveo has appointed Karsten Spilker as its new sales director. PC broker BBnet-Media has added two persons to its directors, Marco Kuhn (sales director) and Sonja Bleicher (HR and finance manager). AV specialist Comm-Tec has been chosen by video-conferencing vendor Vaddio as an official distributor. Telecom and telephony specialist Michael Telecom has inked a distribution deal with Ferrari Electronics, covering its complete VoIP offer. Network and telecom VAD Imago Scansource has hired Sascha Schwiddessen as business development manager, in charge of new products and vendors. Finally, broadliner Siewert & Kau has added Micron SSD to its storage portfolio2 (source: IT Business Deutschland 1 and 2, PBS Business Deutschland, Channel Observer Deutschland, ChannelPartner Deutschland and CRN Deutschland).

News from ALSO, Brodos, Comm-Tec, Datastore, DexxIT, Ecom, Michael Telecom, Notebooksbilliger, Vivanco and Wentronic

DACH: Stefan Klingmair, who was Corporate VP Central Europe for Swiss distribution group ALSO, has left the company. He is not replaced and his tasks are taken over by CEO Gustavo Möller-Hergt. German AV specialist Comm-Tec has hired Samuel Haider as business manager for Western Austria. Samuel was previously working for BenQ, lately as display business manager. He works with Klemens Hinterberger, the sales manager for Austria. In Germany, telephony specialist Brodos has added insurance services from Wertgarantie to its portfolio1. Consumer electronics specialist DexxIT has inked a distribution deal with smart charger vendor Nonda2. PC component and peripheral specialist Ecom has been appointed official distributor by Gigabyte for its full motherboard offer. Telephony and telecom specialist Michael Telecom has started the distribution of discount mobile phone access provider Klarmobil.de3. Notebook broker Notebookbilliger has appointed Oliver Ahrens from Acer as its new CEO. Accessory and cabling specialist Wentronic has added UBtech smart robotics to its catalog. In Switzerland, broadliner ALSO has added Kramer digital signage solutions to its display catalog. Storage VAD Datastore has inked a distribution deal with Enterprise Open Source editor SuSE. Finally, accessory specialist Vivanco has added Titan display wall brackets to its offer (source: Telecom Handel 1, 2 and 3, E&W Österreich, CRN Deutschland, Channel Observer Deutschland, IT Reseller Schweiz, IT Market Schweiz, Inside Channels Schweiz).

News from ALSO, ASVG, Boll, Infinigate, Komsa, Michael Telecom and Prosoft

DACH: mobile telephony specialist ASVG has added the prepaid offers from FCB Mobil (an MVNO related to the FC Bayern football club) to its catalog1. Its competitor Komsa has expanded its smart object portfolio with three additional vendors: iSmart and LUPUS Electronics (connected alarm systems) as well as Osram (Lightify smart LED lighting)2. Michael Telecom, another of their competitors, has started the distribution of the rugged smartphones from Cyrus Technology3. Log management editor Lepide Software has chosen German security VAD Prosoft and its Austrian subsidiary as official distributors for the whole DACH region4. In Switzerland, broadliner ALSO has officially launched locally its WaaS offer5. Switzerland becomes the sixth country to support this offer, after Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Norway and Sweden. The broadliner has also expanded its storage portfolio with the data and storage management solutions from the Canadian vendor Strongbox Data Solutions6. Beside this, network and security VAD Boll Engineering has started the distribution of the cloud-based network management system from Sinefa7. Finally, network and security VAD Infinigate has added Brocade network solutions (formerly Foundry Networks) to its portfolio8 (source: Telecom Handel 1, 2 and 3, IT Reseller Schweiz 4, 5 and 6, Inside Channels Schweiz 7 and 8).

News from Omega, BAB Distribution, Kosatec, Michael Telecom, ABO Storage, ALSO and Studerus

DACH: in Austria, broadliner Omega has inked a distribution deal with IP security vendor Mobotix. In Germany, storage specialist BAB Distribution has started the distribution of Maxtor external hard drives1. Broadliner Kosatec has hired Fernando Ordonez as printer and scanner product manager2 and Joachim Roebe3 to strengthen Hamburg office. Both were previously working for bankrupt broadliner ActionIT. Robert Siemko, who was managing the IT project planning and training BU of telephony specialist Michael Telecom, has left the distributor4. He has been replaced by Markus Schröder. In Switzerland, storage VAD ABO-Storage has hired Pascal Bommeli as its new marketing manager. He replaces Lars Hovind who has joined network and telecom VAD Studerus as security product manager. Finally, broadliner ALSO has opened a training center in Renens, to address more efficiently the training needs of its resellers in the French-speaking regions of the country (source: E&W Österreich, CRN Deutschland 1 und 3, ChannelObserver 2 and 2, Inside Channels Schweiz, IT Reseller Schweiz).


Michael Telecom AG

Michael Telecom AG
Bruchheide 34
D-49163 Bohmte
Phone : +49 (0)5471 806 0
Fax : +49 (0)5471 806 222
Website :
E-mail :


CEO : Mr Siegfried Michael (*** ****** ********* ** ***** **** *)
Vice-president : Mr Magnus Michael (*** ****** ********* ** ***** ***)
Sales director : Mr Helmuth Stegemann (*** ****** ********* ** ***** **** *)
Marketing director : Mrs Conny Holtmann (*** ****** ********* ** ***** ***)
Division director or manager : Mr Oliver Hemann (*** ****** ********* ** ***** **)
Division director or manager : Mr Markus Schröder (*** ****** ********* ** ***** **** )
Division director or manager : Mr Andreas Schulz (*** ****** ********* ** ***** ***)
Purchase director or manager : Mr Hartmut Korte (*** ****** ********* ** ***** **)
Human resources manager : Mr Stefan Koch (*** ****** ********* ** ***** )


Creation year : 1984
Handelsregisternummer : Osnabrück HRB 18913
VAT number : DE 202 704 200
Annual turnover
2015 : 135,00 M€
2014 : 103,80 M€
2009 : 29,50 M€
2008 : 30,00 M€
2007 : 28,60 M€
Active resellers : 6200
Indirect turnover : 100%
Specialist : Telecommunications (IP), telephony (analog, ISDN, mobile)
Main brands : Agfeo, Apple, Mitel Networks, Panasonic, Sony
Clients : Associations, central purchasing companies, corporate resellers, dealers, department stores, e-commerce, hypermarkets, mail-order resellers, multispecialists, outlets, semi-distributors, specialized resellers, specialized retailers, superstores, systems integrators, VAR
Employees : 100 people