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New leadership team announced as ScanSource Communications and Imago ScanSource become ScanSource Imago

ScanSource Communications and Imago ScanSource today announced its new leadership team in the next stage of the integration of the two businesses. In support of that, the business unit will now operate under the name ScanSource Imago. The dedicated sales leadership team is in place to support ScanSource Imago's European operations. Paul Emery, Vice President UK and Ireland, will be responsible for ScanSource Imago's sales operations in the UK and Ireland. John Vickerage has been named Area Vice President of Northern Europe, with overall responsibility for sales in DACH, Benelux, Nordics, Baltics and Eastern Europe, and Nicolas Jouan has been appointed Area Vice President of Southern Europe, with responsibility for sales in France. Phil Boyd, Vice President of Merchandising, will lead the teams responsible for managing the vendor relationships.

In 2014, ScanSource acquired Imago, Europe's leading value-added distributor of video and voice communications equipment and services. The integration of ScanSource Communications and Imago ScanSource will allow enhanced scale and focus on the growth of the business unit as a collective, across geographies and technologies. Resellers will have access to a greater line card of communications solutions – voice, video and data products – from a single source. ScanSource Imago will also deliver a greater range of value-added expertise, including services to assist resellers in delivering a broader range of communications solutions and services. ScanSource's vendor partners will also have access to a greater number of resellers, new opportunities created by integrating the companies, as well as larger teams looking after their businesses, ensuring more avenues to promote and sell their products.

James Vickerage, president of ScanSource Imago, commented: "this announcement is an exciting next step in ScanSource Imago's European journey. The continued integration of the companies allows us to build on the strengths of both organizations, while offering significant growth opportunities for our partners across Europe. I'm pleased with the strong leadership team we have in place, as they bring extensive experience from a business, operations and local market perspective."

ScanSource and Avaya come together to drive cloud adoption in EU channel

As businesses in Europe increasingly look to adopt cloud technologies, Avaya announced that telecom and video VAD ScanSource Imago will be the first wholesale distribution partner in the EU for Avaya's cloud solutions, through its offices in Belgium, France, Germany, Poland and the United Kingdom. Based on Avaya's Powered by IP Office, ScanSource will provide its reseller partners with cloud-based solutions they can market to their end-user customer base. The cloud market is expected to rise across western Europe at a compound annual growth rate of 23.2 percent between 2015 and 2020, according to market researcher IDC, with spending in the region forecast to hit €21.8 billion this year. Avaya's solutions leverage cloud technology to meet businesses' needs for highly efficient and cost-effective engagement and collaboration offerings, enabling them to move at the pace today's digital market demands.

Resellers will be able to provide their customers with the same rich communications experiences they would expect from Avaya solutions delivered on-premises but in a streamlined model that allows companies to better manage costs by eliminating up-front capital investments and upgrades. Channel partners will also benefit from the combined reach and market share of Avaya and ScanSource, enabling them to build innovative solutions for their end-user customers and deliver future-proof communications experiences. Businesses will have greater flexibility to react to changing market conditions and demands, and will be better placed to leverage emerging technology trends. What's more, ScanSource is Avaya's largest global distribution partner and is committed to providing an in-depth knowledge of Avaya's solutions and the tools and value-added services resellers need to grow their business.

According to James Vickerage, the president of ScanSource Imago, "ScanSource is committed to helping its channel partners maximize their business opportunity and deliver the best experiences to their end-user customers. This partnership with Avaya will enable us to give our partners the freedom to sell cloud-based solutions to their customers, while benefiting from the reliability and quality that is synonymous with the Avaya brand." While Ioan MacRae, UK managing director for Avaya, says: "As enterprises in Europe increasingly look to adopt cloud-based solutions, the EU channel has been calling out for more agile methods of meeting their customers' demands. By combining with ScanSource, we can more effectively reach the indirect channel, enabling resellers to leverage our cloud-based solutions and create innovative offerings that meet today's digital business needs. We look forward to developing this partnership and offering a wider range of solutions and services in a cloud-based model."

Imago Scansource in partnership with Sound Control Technologies

France: video VAD Imago Scansource has started the distribution of video and sound extension systems from Sound Control Technologies in the country.

Two new brands for Imago Scansource

France: AV VAD Imago Scansource has started the distribution of Vaddio IP cameras and Pexip videoconferencing tools.

Scansource names new worldwide presidents for barcode, networking and security segments

American multispecialist ScanSource has announced new leadership for its Worldwide Barcode, Networking and Security segment with the appointment of two seasoned channel executives to the role of Worldwide Co-President. Paul Constantine and Tony Sorrentino will provide strategic vision and leadership for the segment on a global basis. In addition to their worldwide leadership positions, Mr. Constantine and Mr. Sorrentino will hold dual roles in the Company, with Mr. Constantine continuing to serve as President of the ScanSource POS and Barcode business unit in the US and Canada and Mr. Sorrentino continuing to serve as President of the ScanSource Networking and Security business unit in the US.

Mr. Constantine joined ScanSource in 1999, where he held merchandising leadership positions in the POS and Barcode business unit. He then assumed the role of Vice President of Solutions and Services, where he provided strategic growth and leadership for the Company's value-added service offerings for resellers, across all sales units. He also served as Vice President of Merchandising for ScanSource Security before taking on his current role of President of ScanSource POS and Barcode, US and Canada. Mr. Constantine was recently elected to the Board of Directors of the Retail Solutions Providers Association (RSPA), an organization dedicated to promoting and connecting the Point-of-Sale technology ecosystem. He also serves on the Board of Directors of AIM North America, a premier source of industry support for the automatic identification and mobility (AIM) market.

Mr. Sorrentino has been with ScanSource since 1999 and with the ScanSource Security business since its inception in 2004. He has more than 16 years of technology distribution experience and previously served as Vice President of Merchandising for ScanSource Security, where he was instrumental in developing the company’s line card to include the industry's leading networking and physical security manufacturers. Prior to joining the Networking and Security business unit, Mr. Sorrentino served in merchandising leadership roles for ScanSource POS and Barcode in the US.

Mr. Constantine and Mr. Sorrentino will report to Mike Baur, CEO, ScanSource.

Buck Baker, who formerly served as President of Worldwide Barcode and Security, has been named President of Worldwide Communications and Services, where he is responsible for the worldwide leadership and management of the ScanSource Catalyst and ScanSource Communications business units in the US, Europe and Latin America, in addition to the Company's services offerings. Mike Ferney, formerly President of Worldwide Communications and Services, has been named Innovation Architect for ScanSource. In this newly created role, Mr. Ferney will develop the processes and structure behind the Company's innovation engine. Mr. Baker and Mr. Ferney will continue to report to Mike Baur. "We are very fortunate to have such an established team of leaders at ScanSource. Their level of experience, knowledge of the business, and depth of relationships are instrumental to the continued growth and success of the company", said Mike Baur, CEO, ScanSource. "I am proud of their dedication to the company, as they continue to drive our business and growth strategies.". In the EMEA region, ScanSource is present as three divisions : ScanSource POS and Barcode (offices in Belgium, France, Germany, Italy/a>, the Netherlands, Poland, Spain/a> and the United Kingdom), ScanSource Communications (offices in Belgium, France, Germany and the United Kingdom) and Imago ScanSource (offices in France, Germany and the United Kingdom).


ScanSource Imago France

ScanSource Imago France
9, avenue Jean-d'Alembert
F-78190 Trappes
Phone : +33 (0)1 30 05 33 85
Fax : +33 (0)1 30 62 66 15
Website :

Other offices
Phone : +33 (0)6 43 92 80 78
F-78310 Coignières


President : Mr James Vickerage (*** ****** ********* ** *****)
Vice-president : Mr Nicolas Jouan (*** ****** ********* ** ***)
General manager : Mr Pierre Krasnovsky (*** ****** ********* ** ***** *)
Sales director : Mr Pierre Krasnovsky (*** ****** ********* ** ***** *)
Marketing director : Mr Alexandre Vaquer (*** ****** ********* ** ***** )
CTO : Mr Adrien Gilbert (*** ****** ********* ** ****)
Division director or manager : Mr Jonathan Boidin (*** ****** ********* ** *****)
Division director or manager : Mr Fabien Galliot (*** ****** ********* ** ****)
Division director or manager : Mr Pascal Saos (*** ****** ********* ** *)
Communication director or manager : Mrs Valérie Jouffrault (*** ****** ********* ** ***** **)
Market manager : Mr Philippe Gasnier (*** ****** ********* ** ***** )
Market manager : Mr François Perretti (*** ****** ********* ** ***** *)
Market manager : Mr Thierry Lageon (*** ****** ********* ** ****)
Product manager : Mr Malek Bensalah (*** ****** ********* ** ****)


Creation year : 2003
Siret : 451 668 347 00029
VAT number : FR 25 451 668 347
Annual turnover
2015 : 28,86 M€
2014 : 26,17 M€
2013 : 20,64 M€
2012 : 21,50 M€
2011 : 22,71 M€
Active resellers : 900
Indirect turnover : 100%
National/regional/export split : 90/0/10
Export : Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia
VAD : Networks, professional video, telecommunications (IP)
Main brands : Barco, NEC Display Solutions, Polycom, Samsung, UbiCast
Clients : Corporate resellers (20%), dealers (20%), installers (20%), service providers (10%), specialized resellers (10%), systems integrators (20%)
Employees : 37 people


Headphones and microphones
Plantronics, Revolabs by Yamaha, Sennheiser, Sonus
Projector screens
Da-Lite, Procolor, Projecta

Cabling and connectivity
A/V mounts and brackets
Axeos, Chief, Unicol
Antennas and cables
Extreme Networks (Enterasys)
AV cables and connectivity
Network cables and connectivity
Sound Control Technologies
Phone cables and connectivity
Power cables and connectivity
USB cables and connectivity
VGA, DVI and HDMI cables and connectivity

Computer components
Graphic cards

Digital photography
Digital photography accessories


Home entertainment and consumer electronics
Home DVD/DiVX players
Home portable projectors (from 3 to 6 kg)
Barco, NEC Display Solutions
Home ultra-portable projectors (less than 3 kg)
Barco, NEC Display Solutions
LCD televisions
Samsung, Sharp

Music and sound processing
Other music and sound processing hardware

Acceleration hardware and software
Extreme Networks (Enterasys), KEMP Technologies
Audio and video servers
Barco, Extreme Networks (Enterasys), Sonus, Teracue, UbiCast, Vianeos
Bandwidth management
Extreme Networks (Enterasys), KEMP Technologies
Bridges, gateways and routers
AudioCodes, Avaya (Radvision), Extreme Networks (Enterasys), Revolabs by Yamaha, Sonus, Teracue
Cache servers
Extreme Networks (Enterasys)
DSL modems
Extreme Networks (Enterasys)
High availability
Extreme Networks (Enterasys), KEMP Technologies, Sonus
IP cameras
ISDN adapters
Extreme Networks (Enterasys)
Load balancing
Extreme Networks (Enterasys), KEMP Technologies, Sonus
Management and supervision software and hardware
Brocade (Ruckus Wireless), Extreme Networks (Enterasys), Sonus
Network adapters
Extreme Networks (Enterasys), Sonus
Powerline communications
Extreme Networks (Enterasys)
Print servers
Extreme Networks (Enterasys)
Extreme Networks (Enterasys)
Extreme Networks (Enterasys)
Test products
Extreme Networks (Enterasys)
Wireless access points
Brocade (Ruckus Wireless), Extreme Networks (Enterasys)
Wireless network adapters
Extreme Networks (Enterasys)

Bluetooth adapters
Home video editing hardware
Genee World

Professional video
Digital signage
Datapath, IpsoTV, Tripleplay Services, TV Tools
Fixed projectors (more than 6 kg)
Barco, NEC Display Solutions
High performance projectors (more than 5000 lumens)
Barco, NEC Display Solutions
Interactive boards
Genee World, SMART Technologies
Interactive voting products
Genee World
Professional LCD screens (tunerless)
NEC Display Solutions, Panasonic, Philips, Samsung, Sharp
Professional video capture hardware
Osprey, Viewcast
Professional video editing hardware
Professional video software
Datapath, Datmedia, Genee World, Tripleplay Services, TV Tools, Vianeos, Viewcast
Elmo, Genee World, Wolfvision

Content filtering
Avaya, Sonus
Intrusion protection
Avaya, Sonus
Security appliances (UTM)
Traffic monitoring
Virtual Private Networks

Added value
AudioCodes, Avaya, ShoreTel
ASP and xAAS
Financing solutions
Avaya, ShoreTel
Avaya, Barco, Datapath, KEMP Technologies, Polycom, Samsung, ShoreTel, Sonus
Warranty extensions
Avaya, KEMP Technologies, Sharp, Sonus

Mail and groupware software
Other types of software

Projector lamps

Telecommunications (IP)
Avaya, Avaya (Radvision), Konftel, Polycom, ShoreTel
Music on hold
Avaya, ShoreTel
Phone and voice-over-IP
AdvaTel, AudioCodes, Avaya, Avaya (Sipera), Logitech, Plantronics, Polycom, ShoreTel, YeaLink
Array Telepresence, Avaya, Avaya (Radvision), Barco, Elmo, Harman (AMX), iPeak Networks, Konftel, Logitech, Pexip, Polycom, Tely Labs, Vidyo, Wolfvision

Telephony (analog, ISDN, mobile)
Answering machines
Fixed phones (wired or wireless)
Telephony accessories
Avaya, Plantronics


Value added services
After-sale consulting, after-sale service, architecture design, audit, demo products, field sales staff, hot-line, logistics, newsletters
Financial services
Advance payment, bank garanty
Minimum delivery time
National : 24 hour(s)
International : 48 hour(s)