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Exclusive Networks and Picus Security join forces

Picus Security, a cyber attack simulation and intrusion prevention editor, and network and security VAD Exclusive Networks have signed an agreement to maximize the cyber-security potential of businesses. Since a few weeks, Exclusive Networks has been offering through its offices in France, Italy, Spain and the United Kingdom Picus, an innovative assessment technology that measures the ability of organizations to detect cyber threats 24/7 and respond quickly after a threat has been detected. Picus was founded in 2014 to address a problem that many companies are facing: prevention technologies, even when they are advanced and regularly updated, are still lagging behind emerging cyber threats. New cyber threats are created every day by hackers and cyber-security teams lack the tools to accurately measure their ability to react, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, and to respond quickly. By identifying hacking techniques that can thwart a company's cyber-protection capabilities, Picus is arming cyber-security professionals with the tools to provide them with practical assessment, greater visibility, and the information they need to respond to attacks.

"Even if some companies have made significant investments in security technologies and services, none of them are yet in a position to express full confidence in their IT infrastructure", explains Stéphane Iaich, Director of Strategic Marketing at Exclusive Networks. He also added: "one of the main reasons for this gap is the difficulty in managing complex security technologies to effectively combat cyber threats. We are joining forces with Picus to help customers manage these technologies more efficiently, improve their return on investment and answer the question: what is my level of cyber-security right now?"

Armagan Zaloglu, Vice President of Picus Sales in the EMEA region, explains that a partnership with a leading player such as Exclusive Network is proof of the relevance of the Picus offer. "We wanted to partner with a true value-added distributor, who understands the value of emerging technologies. This partnership with Exclusive Networks is a very exciting new step in our global expansion strategy", he says.

Michel Cohen leaves Exclusive Networks

France: after a three-year mission at the head of the French office of Exclusive Networks, Michel Cohen has left the network and security VAD. According to an email he sent to his contacts, he does not plan retirement immediately, but will stay in the market as a consultant for a few more months/years.

Another distribution agreement between Proofpoint and Exclusive Networks

After initial deals covering Southern Europe and Benelux, data integrity vendor Proofpoint further strengthens its partnership with network and security VAD Exclusive Networks, by expanding their partnership to Austria and Germany.

Exclusive Networks signs with Vectra

France: network and security VAD Exclusive Networks has been chosen by Vectra Networks to distribute Cognito, its threat detection AI system. "Vectra's Cognito completes out portfolio on the detection and threat management part. This solution combines artificial intelligence, data science, machine learning modern techniques and behaviour analysis to watch out in real time the enterprise, datacenter and cloud network traffic. The Cognito AI system of Vectra automatises realtime detection of malicious behavior of cyber-attackers and allows to know the historic and shape of attacks in the network", says Stéphane Iaich, Vendor Alliances & Marketing Director at Exclusive Networks.

"The association of an expert partner network supported by Exclusive Networks and Vectra's innovative cyber-protection technology is without any doubt a very good news for any company wishing to leverage on AI-induced technological advances", explains Christophe Jolly, Country Manager France for Vectra Networks.

Exclusive Group expands financing & leasing services

Exclusive Capital, the financing and leasing division of network and security VAD Exclusive Group, has announced that its wide range of flexible, innovative, value-generating services is now available in 20 countries worldwide. Fed by increasing market demand, its expanded geographical coverage has doubled in the last six months, benefiting thousands more reseller partners across EMEA with compelling opportunities to expand deal values and close sales more rapidly. "More partners are tuning in to the advantages enabled by IT financing and leasing services that increase the affordability of the latest disruptive technology solutions", said Franck Laga, managing director at Exclusive Capital. "Availability of our services in more places allows us to localise payment options in the context of global, multi-site deals. Vendors are also very supportive of our expansion because our services help address new cloud-based consumption models and allow customers to preserve capital and take advantage of record low interest rates around the world."

Following its launch in France in early 2015, Exclusive Capital quickly grew to incorporate local operations in Austria, Australia, Belux, Germany, Italy, New Zealand, Switzerland and the United Kingdom. The latest additions to its EMEA-wide scope include Denmark, Finland, the Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Turkey and the Middle East, swelling the total number of countries served to 20.

"In little over two years, Exclusive Capital's scale has grown to match our Group footprint, with the exception of Asia; a fantastic achievement but still a 'work-in-progress' that we intend to turn into a truly global offering", said Barrie Desmond, COO at Exclusive Group. "The popularity of our financing and leasing offerings reflect their outstanding relevance to enterprise decision-makers, making them the natural choice for smart reseller partners and the perfect complement to our other value-added services."


Exclusive Networks France

Exclusive Networks France
20, quai du Point-du-Jour
Arcs de Seine - Bât. A - CS40099
F-92659 Boulogne-Billancourt cedex
Phone : +33 (0)1 41 31 53 04
Fax : +33 (0)1 41 31 47 86
Website :
E-mail :

Other offices
F-69149 Champagne-au-Mont-d'Or
Phone : +33 (0)4 72 72 01 46
F-34000 Montpellier
Phone : +33 (0)4 67 20 46 73
F-44000 Nantes
Phone : +33 (0)2 72 24 26 80
F-59000 Lille
Phone : +33 (0)3 62 59 36 70


: Mr Laurent Daudré-Vignier (*** ****** ********* ** ***** **)
CEO : Mr Olivier Breittmayer (*** ****** ********* ** ***** **** )
General manager : Mr Franck Burtin (*** ****** ********* ** ***** )
CFO : Mr Thierry Gaillardon (*** ****** ********* ** ***** ****)
Sales director : Mr Frédéric Dufour (*** ****** ********* ** ***** )
Sales director : Mr Nicolas Dissaux (*** ****** ********* ** ***** *)
Marketing director : Mr Stéphane Iaïch (*** ****** ********* ** *****)
CTO : Mr Jean-Marc Muselli (*** ****** ********* ** ***** **)
Communication director or manager : Mrs Virginie Mouton (*** ****** ********* ** ***** )


Creation year : 1995
Siret : 401 196 464 00044
VAT number : FR 18 401 196 464
Annual turnover
2017 : 1 800,00 M€
2016 : 1 270,00 M€
2015 : 840,00 M€
2014 : 627,00 M€
2013 : 373,00 M€
Active resellers : 800
Indirect turnover : 100%
National/regional/export split : 11/0/89
VAD : Networks, security, storage
Main brands : Fortinet, Infoblox, Nutanix, Palo Alto Networks, SentinelOne
Clients : Corporate resellers, dealers, IT consulting and service providers, service providers, specialized resellers, systems integrators, telecom operators, VAR
Employees : 100 people


Acceleration hardware and software
Symantec (Blue Coat Systems)
Bandwidth management
Fortinet, Symantec (Blue Coat Systems)
Bridges, gateways and routers
Symantec (Blue Coat Systems)
Cache servers
Symantec (Blue Coat Systems)
DSL modems
High availability
Fortinet, Symantec (Blue Coat Systems)
Load balancing
Symantec (Blue Coat Systems)
Management and supervision software and hardware
Aerohive Networks, Gigamon, Imperva, Infoblox, Symantec (Blue Coat Systems), Tenable Network Security, Tufin Technologies
Aerohive Networks, Fortinet, Symantec (Blue Coat Systems)
Aerohive Networks, Symantec (Blue Coat Systems)
Wireless access points
Aerohive Networks
Wireless network adapters
Aerohive Networks

SentinelOne, Symantec (Blue Coat Systems)
SentinelOne, Symantec (Blue Coat Systems)
Fortinet, SentinelOne, Symantec (Blue Coat Systems)
Aerohive Networks, Exabeam, HID (Identity Assurance), Infoblox
HID (Identity Assurance)
Content filtering
Fortinet, Symantec (Blue Coat Systems), Vectra Networks
Aerohive Networks, Certes Networks, Fortinet, HID (Identity Assurance), Symantec (Blue Coat Systems)
Aerohive Networks, Balabit, Fortinet, Imperva, Palo Alto Networks, SentinelOne, Symantec (Blue Coat Systems)
Intrusion protection
SentinelOne, Symantec (Blue Coat Systems)
Log analysis
Balabit, LogRhythm, Symantec (Blue Coat Systems), Tenable Network Security
Physical access control
HID (Identity Assurance)
Secure mail
Fortinet, Proofpoint
Security appliances (UTM)
Balabit, Fortinet, Infoblox, Proofpoint, Symantec (Blue Coat Systems)
Traffic management
Aerohive Networks, Symantec (Blue Coat Systems)
Traffic monitoring
Aerohive Networks, Fortinet, Symantec (Blue Coat Systems)
Virtual Private Networks
Aerohive Networks, Certes Networks, Symantec (Blue Coat Systems)
Vulnerability management
Picus Security, Tenable Network Security

Added value
Symantec (Blue Coat Systems)
ASP and xAAS
Aerohive Networks, Symantec (Blue Coat Systems)
Financing solutions
Exclusive Capital
Security as a Service
Fortinet, Proofpoint, Symantec (Blue Coat Systems), Symantec (Elastica)
Aerohive Networks, Balabit, Certes Networks, Fortinet, HID (Identity Assurance), Imperva, Infoblox, Palo Alto Networks, Proofpoint, Symantec (Blue Coat Systems), Tenable Network Security, Tufin Technologies, Vidyo
Warranty extensions
Symantec (Blue Coat Systems)

Management software
Tanium Networks

HID (Identity Assurance)

Telecommunications (IP)


Value added services
After-sale consulting, after-sale service, architecture design, audit, authorized training centre, business plan help, cash-and-carry, co-marketing funds, configuration help, dedicated contacts, demo products, demos, direct shipping to final client, e-mailing, export service, field sales staff, hardware connection/cabling, hardware installation, hardware tests, help with specifications write-up, hot-line, information newsletter, lead generation, logistics, maintenance, manufacturer certifications, modeling, newsletters, on-site training, personalized help, pre-sale consulting, product loan, project management help, project monitoring and control, project-dedicated sales staff, remote installation, retail-dedicated sales staff, return-to-base warranty, sales help, shipments tracking, software tests, specific preparations, standard exchange, system integration, technical deployment, technology watch, telemarketing, training centre, transfer of skills, trial products
Financial services
Automatic transfer, bill of exchange, cash on delivery, cash with order, cheque, credit card, draft, factoring, personalized terms of payment, term of payment
Minimum delivery time
National : 4 hour(s)
International : NC