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News from ADN, ALSO, Avnet, Ebertlang, Infinigate and Komsa

DACH: security and storage VAD ADN has been chosen by Quantum as an official distributor for the whole region, thanks to ADN offices in Austria, Germany and Switzerland. In the last country, broadliner ALSO has expanded its network offer with Netgear consumer and corporate products1. Marcus Adä has decided to leave Avnet, following the acquisition of the infrastructure VAD by Tech Data. German software specialist Ebertlang has added Evault backup solutions from Carbonite to its catalog. The partnership covers the whole DACH region. Network and security VAD Infinigate has unveiled several new distribution deals in the region, with CensortNet2 (for Austria, Germany and Switzerland), Imperva3 (again for Austria, Germany and Switzerland) and Macmon (in both Austria and Switzerland only). Finally, in Germany, telephony specialist Komsa has expanded its portfolio with the Knox B2B mobile security solution from Samsung (source: Inside Channels Schweiz, IT Reseller Schweiz 1, 2 and 3, Channel Observer Deutschland, IT Markt Schweiz, CRN Deutschland and Telecom Handel Deutschland).

Quantum appoints ADN

Storage and backup vendor Quantum has appointed security and storage VAD ADN as an official distributor for its products in the DACH region, through ADN offices in Austria, Germany, Liechtenstein and Switzerland.

A new distributor for Cloudian

Security and storage VAD ADN (which is present in Austria, Germany and Switzerland) replaces network and storage VAD ELD Datentechnik as official distributor for Cloudian object storage platform vendor.

ADN distributes Rubrik

Germany: security and storage VAD ADN and large storage specialist Rubrik has signed a distribution contract. The startup, just 2.5-year-old, has chosen ADN for its experience in sales of consulting-intensive products as well as end-to-end solutions. The addition of Rubrik to the ADN portfolio is a whole new opportunity to place itself on the market, according to Hermann Ramacher, the managing director of the distributor: "in the area of ​​backup and recovery especially, the combination of private and public cloud is an excellent approach to ensure a comprehensive security of all data. Rubrik's innovative approach to cloud data management gives us the opportunity to offer our partners not only a well-known storage-on-premise solution, but also to help them revolutionize cloud-based data management. It is a great pleasure for us to introduce Rubrik to the market." Likewise, ADN offers the possibility to purchase Rubrik solutions in combination with Microsoft Azure Services through ADN cloud marketplace.

Mellanox appoints ADN

Security and storage VAD ADN has signed a distributor partnership agreement with Mellanox Technologies, a supplier of interconnect solutions for data center servers and storage systems. The agreement enables ADN to distribute Mellanox Technologies' range of Ethernet and InfiniBand interconnect solutions, including adapters, switches, cables and software, in the DACH (Austria, Germany, Liechtenstein and Switzerland) region. The association with Mellanox Technologies will complement ADN's continuing move to provide the region with complete end-to-end solutions that can help address the growing demand for systems that offer superior application performance, efficiency and scalability.


ADN Advanced Digital Network Distribution GmbH

ADN Advanced Digital Network Distribution GmbH
Josef-Haumann-Straße 10
D-44866 Bochum
Phone : +49 (0)2327 9912 0
Fax : +49 (0)2327 9912 560
Website :
E-mail :


General manager : Mr Hermann Ramacher (*** ****** ********* **)
CFO : Mr Cord Walter (*** ****** *******)
Marketing director : Mrs Julia Stratmann (*** ****** ********* *)
CTO : Mr Thomas Falk (*** ****** *******)
Division director or manager : Mr Thomas Küppers (*** ****** ********* *)
Purchase director or manager : Mr Guido Zimmermann (*** ****** ********* **)


Creation year : 1994
Handelsregisternummer : Bochum HRB 5125
VAT number : DE 811 733 381
Annual turnover
2017 : 410,00 M€
2016 : 359,00 M€
2015 : 315,18 M€
2014 : 254,02 M€
2013 : 166,00 M€
Active resellers : 6000
Indirect turnover : 100%
VAD : Security, software, storage
Main brands : Citrix, DataCore, IGEL Technology, Microsoft, SonicWALL
Clients : ASP, assemblers, associations, consultants, corporate resellers, dealers, ISP, ISV, IT consulting and service providers, multispecialists, semi-distributors, service providers, SOD, software developers, software editors, specialized resellers, systems integrators, telecom operators, VAR
Employees : 250 people


19" accessories, bays and racks
Dell Technologies, Vertiv (Avocent)
Cooling units
Vertiv (Avocent)
Headphones and microphones

Cabling and connectivity
Console servers
Vertiv (Avocent)
Distribution amplifiers
Vertiv (Avocent)
Fibre channel/SAN cables and connectivity
Dell Technologies Compellent, Mellanox Technologies
Dell Technologies, Vertiv (Avocent)
Network cables and connectivity
Patton, Vertiv (Avocent)
Optical cables and connectivity
Mellanox Technologies
Phone cables and connectivity
Power cables and connectivity
SCSI cables and connectivity
Dell Technologies
Serial cables and connectivity
Vertiv (Avocent)
USB cables and connectivity

Other servers
Passive terminals
Dell Technologies Wyse, IGEL Technology
Risc servers
Risc workstations
X86 servers (32 and 64 bits)
Dell Technologies, HPE (SGI)

Mobility software

Acceleration hardware and software
KEMP Technologies, Mellanox Technologies
Analog modems
Bandwidth management
Ivanti (Appsense), KEMP Technologies, ThinPrint, WatchGuard
Bridges, gateways and routers
AudioCodes, BeroNet, Dell Technologies Force10, Patton
DSL modems
AudioCodes, Patton
Emulation and virtualization software
Citrix, DataCore, Falconstor, Microsoft
Fax servers
GFI Software, snom technology
GPRS, Edge, 3G and 4G modems
High availability
Falconstor, HPE (SGI), KEMP Technologies, SonicWALL, Stratus (Marathon Technologies), WatchGuard
IP cameras
Vertiv (Avocent)
ISDN adapters
AudioCodes, BeroNet, Patton
Load balancing
KEMP Technologies, WatchGuard
Management and supervision software and hardware
Acronis, BeroNet, Citrix, GFI Software, HPE (SGI), Imperva, Ivanti (Appsense), Kaseya, Mellanox Technologies, RES Software, SonicWALL, Vertiv (Avocent)
Network adapters
Dell Technologies Force10, Mellanox Technologies, Patton
Peripherals servers
Print servers
Dell Technologies Force10, ThinPrint
Ivanti (Appsense), WatchGuard
Remote access servers
Patton, SonicWALL
Serial servers
Patton, Vertiv (Avocent)
BeroNet, Dell Technologies Force10, Mellanox Technologies, Patton
Transceivers and repeaters
Wireless access points
Dell Technologies Force10, SonicWALL, WatchGuard
Wireless network adapters
Dell Technologies Force10

Bluetooth adapters
LCD monitors
Multiport cards
AudioCodes, Vertiv (Avocent)

Other POS hardware

Alarm systems
AVG Technologies, Bitdefender, iSheriff, SonicWALL, ThreatTrack Security, WatchGuard
AVG Technologies, Bitdefender, iSheriff, SonicWALL, ThreatTrack Security, WatchGuard
AVG Technologies, Bitdefender, iSheriff, SonicWALL, ThreatTrack Security, WatchGuard
Content filtering
Bitdefender, Falconstor, SonicWALL, ThreatTrack Security, WatchGuard
Gemalto (SafeNet), SonicWALL, WatchGuard
AVG Technologies, Bitdefender, Imperva, Palo Alto Networks, SonicWALL, WatchGuard
Intrusion protection
Bitdefender, SonicWALL, WatchGuard
Log analysis
ThreatTrack Security, WatchGuard
Physical access control
GFI Software
Secure mail
GFI Software, Proofpoint, SonicWALL, WatchGuard
Security appliances (UTM)
Proofpoint, SecurePoint, SonicWALL, WatchGuard
Traffic management
SonicWALL, WatchGuard
Traffic monitoring
Bitdefender, Flexera (Secunia), SonicWALL, ThreatTrack Security, WatchGuard
Virtual Private Networks
Bitdefender, SonicWALL, WatchGuard
Vulnerability management
Flexera (Secunia), GFI Software

Added value
AudioCodes, Gupta Technologies, Plantronics, ThinPrint, Vertiv (Avocent), WatchGuard
ASP and xAAS
ApiOmat, Kaseya, SolarWinds (LOGICnow MaxFocus)
Offsite and online backup
Acronis, iSheriff, Kaseya
Security as a Service
AVG Technologies, Bitdefender, iSheriff, Kaseya, Proofpoint, SonicWALL, WatchGuard
3CX, AudioCodes, Bitdefender, Citrix, DataCore, Dell Technologies Wyse, IGEL Technology, Imperva, Kaseya, KEMP Technologies, Palo Alto Networks, Proofpoint, RES Software, snom technology, SonicWALL, ThinPrint, Vertiv (Avocent), WatchGuard
Warranty extensions
AudioCodes, DataCore, KEMP Technologies, Nexsan, Overland Storage by Sphere 3D, RES Software, ThinPrint, Vertiv (Avocent)

Business and finance software
SAP (Business Objects)
Communication software
3CX, HPE (SGI), Kaseya
DBMS and associated tools
Gupta Technologies, SAP (Business Objects), SAP (Sybase)
Knowledge management software
SAP (Business Objects)
Management software
Citrix (Sanbolic), Falconstor, GFI Software, Kaseya
Other types of software
DataCore, Ivanti (Appsense), RES Software
Programming software
Gupta Technologies, HPE (SGI), SAP (Sybase)
Utility software
Acronis, Kaseya, ThinPrint, Untangle

Backup software
Acronis, CommVault, GFI Software, iSheriff, Quantum
Data management software
Acronis, Citrix (Sanbolic), CommVault, DataCore, Falconstor, Nexenta, Open-E, Quantum, Rubrik
ISCSI servers
Dell Technologies Compellent, Falconstor, HPE (Nimble Storage), Nexsan, Overland Storage by Sphere 3D, Quantum
Dell Technologies Compellent, HPE (SGI), Nexsan, Overland Storage by Sphere 3D, Quantum
NAS servers
Dell Technologies Compellent, Nexsan, Overland Storage by Sphere 3D, Panzura, Quantum
Other storage hardware
Cloudian, Dell Technologies Compellent, Panzura, Quantum
Packaged CD readers, juke-boxes and writers
Raid controllers
Dell Technologies Compellent
Raid servers
Dell Technologies Compellent, Nexsan, Overland Storage by Sphere 3D, Quantum
Removable storage
S-ATA controllers
Dell Technologies Compellent
SAN controllers
Dell Technologies Compellent, Nexsan, Quantum
SAN hubs and switches
Dell Technologies Compellent
SAN servers
Dell Technologies Compellent, Nexsan, Overland Storage by Sphere 3D, Quantum
SCSI and SAS controllers
Dell Technologies Compellent, HPE (SGI), Nexsan
SCSI and SAS harddisks
Dell Technologies Compellent
Falconstor, HGST (STEC)
Dell Technologies Compellent, Quantum
Tape drives
Overland Storage by Sphere 3D, Quantum

Overland Storage by Sphere 3D

Telecommunications (IP)
AudioCodes, snom technology
Snom technology
3CX, BeroNet, snom technology
Phone and voice-over-IP
3CX, AudioCodes, Microsoft, Patton, Plantronics, snom technology, Swyx
3CX, snom technology

Thin clients
Thin client accessories
Dell Technologies Wyse, IGEL Technology, ThinPrint
Thin client software
Dell Technologies Wyse, IGEL Technology, Ivanti (Appsense), ThinPrint, UniCon Software
Thin clients
Dell Technologies Wyse, IGEL Technology