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Arrow ECS and GTT sign distribution agreement

Infrastructure VAD Arrow ECS has entered into a distribution agreement in EMEA with GTT, a global cloud networking provider to multinational clients. GTT offers corporations, service providers, system integrators and value-added resellers a comprehensive portfolio of global cloud networking services including internet and EtherCloud wide area networking services. Using GTT's cloud networking services, Arrow ECS is able to offer its reseller customers WAN connectivity as part of its cloud solutions under a single end-customer service contract. In the past, this business was usually based on contracts with several local telecom providers. GTT's cloud networking services can be tailored to public, private and hybrid cloud environments. The company's EtherCloud services allow customers to access numerous cloud service providers globally, including last-mile connectivity. GTT has more than 100 Points of Presence in public data centres in Europe and more than 300 globally, allowing companies at various locations or data centres to interact with numerous cloud service providers.

"We regard the global value-added distributor, Arrow, as particularly well positioned in providing networking and security solutions", says Andy Johnson, managing director EMEA for GTT. "Arrow's channel partners are now in a position to integrate our global network and our Tier 1 IP backbone as components of their cloud solutions for their end customers, thereby offering added value."

"Direct links to cloud service providers via secure, private backbone infrastructures based on agreed SLAs are an increasingly important option for global corporate network connections", says Patrice Roussel, vice president, strategic alliances, Arrow ECS EMEA. "GTT's solutions are secure, high-performance and scalable, and address the rapidly growing utilisation of cloud solutions needed by companies with multinational locations."

In the EMEA region, GTT solutions will be offered by Arrow ECS in Austria, Baltic States, Belgium, Czechia and Slovakia, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Luxembourg, Maghreb and French-speaking Africa, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, the remaining of MEA through Dubai, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and the United Kingdom.

Arrow launches "IoT Innovator Program" in EMEA

Infrastructure VAD Arrow ECS has announced the launch of its "Things Evolved: IoT Innovator Program" in the EMEA region. The programme is a new initiative to develop the company's Internet of Things (IoT) ecosystem and to facilitate channel partners' path into IoT markets. Arrow is uniquely positioned in the IoT markets, with a wide portfolio addressing every layer of the IoT solution stack, ranging from electronic components to IT solutions. Through the launch of the "Innovator Program", Arrow will enable the channel community and IoT solution providers to benefit from its IoT technology reach and skills. Additionally, other benefits include access to all services delivered by Arrow such as remote management and monitoring, support, design, integration, training, marketing and financial solutions. The ‘IoT Innovator Program’ allows Arrow’s channel customers to offer their end customers best-of-breed IoT solutions. To support this approach and accelerate IoT market development, Arrow is, in addition, creating dedicated IoT stacks with new, specialised IoT solution providers. These providers are already established in key vertical IoT market segments: smart cities, industrial IoT, healthcare and automotive/transportation.

A key element of the "IoT Innovator Program" is to connect "Things Evolved" partners with IoT projects generated through Arrow's extensive sensor and connectivity market reach. "Things Evolved" customers will benefit from Arrow’s skills and expertise in data gathering and transportation in IoT projects.

"Our 'IoT Innovator Program' kick-starts the most comprehensive channel enablement initiative in the industry's complex IoT environment", says Eric Nowak, president Arrow ECS EMEA. "In the light of our sensor-to-sunset strategy, Arrow is the only global distributor capable of offering reliable and secure IoT solutions to cover all aspects of technology. With our full service IoT programme based on solution stacks and professional managed services, Arrow provides the channel with new exciting sales opportunities."

Channel solution providers will receive many benefits from participating in Arrow’s IoT Innovator Program, such as:

  • Access to IoT solution stacks that include sensors, connectivity, cloud, analytics, security, IT infrastructure, managed services up to end-of-life asset disposition
  • Certification with the Arrow Things Evolved Partner accreditation
  • Business reviews with the Arrow IoT sales team
  • Qualified leads and incorporation, in addition to IoT projects
  • IoT training and marketing expertise

The IoT Innovator Program will be launched in Europe through Arrow ECS offices in Austria, Belgium, Czechia, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Luxembourg, Morocco, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, the United Arab Emirates and the United Kingdom.

Arrow ECS brings BitTitan on its cloud

Infrastructure VAD Arrow ECS has added BitTitan managed services to its ArrowSphere cloud platform in the whole world. In the EMEA region, the offer is available in Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Luxembourg, Morocco, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, the United Arab Emirates and the United Kingdom.

Arrow ECS and KeyIdentity sign distribution agreement

Infrastructure VAD Arrow ECS and KeyIdentity have concluded a distribution agreement for the EMEA region. Headquartered in Germany, KeyIdentity is a global provider of multi-factor authentication (MFA) solutions, based on open source technology, for enterprises. The centrepiece of its portfolio is LinOTP, an OTP platform (One Time Password) for strong authentication that was developed by KeyIdentity. The authentication solutions range from individual installations through SMEs in all sectors to Cloud environments, although the focus is on application in corporations. Dedicated teams of experts, such as FoxMole for IT security consulting, advise customers on all aspects of securing existing infrastructure and implementing the company's products. With innovative authentication from KeyIdentity, Arrow ECS has added another important component to its portfolio of security solutions and value-added services.

"KeyIdentity has been marketing the LinOTP MFA solution on a commercial basis since 2016 but has already gained numerous corporations from a wide range of sectors as customers", says Patrice Roussel, Vice President Strategic Alliances, Arrow ECS EMEA. "The company's solutions are not only an important element in security, but are also proving increasingly attractive to the channel because of the EU's new General Data Protection Regulation. Resellers and channel solution providers are thus able to offer their end customers a solution that enables them to comply with the latest data protection laws."

KeyIdentity's multi-factor authentication is a security measure that, using a preconfigured version of LinOTP, called the Standard Smart Virtual Appliance, can be integrated quickly and flexibly into existing IT infrastructures as a global uniform solution. LinOTP has a vendor neutral API architecture (Application Programming Interface) and supports established standards as well as compliance requirements. The platform prevents many types of fraud such as phishing and secures high value transactions. "Our Cooperation with Arrow makes it possible for us to offer our MFA solution 'made in Germany' far beyond the borders of Germany, Austria and Switzerland", says Arved Graf von Stackelberg, CEO of KeyIdentity. "This enables Arrow to become one of our key value-added distributors for the EMEA region and provides both major customers and middle-sized companies with access to our products." Arrow ECS plans to distribute KeyIdentity solutions through its offices in Austria, Belgium, Czechia, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Luxembourg, Morocco, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, the United Arab Emirates and the United Kingdom.

New brands for AED and Arrow ECS

Benelux: AV VAD AED Distribution and Datapath have signed a distribution agreement for Benelux. The newly formed partnership will see Datapath products being made available for sale and for rent at AED Distribution, through its offices in Belgium and the Belgium and Luxembourg (source: inAVate United Kingdom, Channel Connect Nederland).


Arrow ECS Luxembourg

Arrow ECS Luxembourg
Zoning Industriel 'Cloche d'Or
Rue d'Arlon 4
L-8399 Windhof
Phone : +352 2776 1555
Fax : +352 2776 1559
Website :
E-mail :


General manager : Mr Jerry Baetens (*** ****** ********* ** *)


Creation year : 2006
Registre du commerce : B 114338
VAT number : LU 208 248 77
Indirect turnover : 100%
National/regional/export split : 100/0/0
VAD : Computers, software, storage
Main brands : Citrix, IBM, NetApp, Oracle, Veritas Technologies
Clients : ASP, consultants, corporate resellers, dealers, installers, ISP, ISV, IT consulting and service providers, maintenance companies, service providers, software developers, software editors, specialized resellers, systems integrators, VAR, web agencies
Employees : 3 people


19" accessories, bays and racks
HPE, Quantum
Batteries for others kind of materials

Cabling and connectivity
Antennas and cables
Aruba Networks a HPE Company, HPE Networking
Fibre channel/SAN cables and connectivity
Network cables and connectivity
HPE, HPE Networking
Optical cables and connectivity
Phone cables and connectivity
Power cables and connectivity
SCSI cables and connectivity
Serial cables and connectivity

Other servers
HPE, HPE (Simplivity), Pivot3
Passive terminals
Dell Technologies Wyse, HPE, IGEL Technology
Risc servers
Risc workstations
X86 servers (32 and 64 bits)
HPE, HPE (SGI), Lenovo
X86 workstations (32 and 64 bits)

EDM (Electronic Document Management)
EDM acquisition hardware
EDM archiving software
AST (Plasmon), IBM, IBM Software, NetApp, Veritas Technologies
EDM exportation software
IBM, IBM Software
EDM storage hardware
AST (Plasmon), HPE, NetApp, Quantum (Adic)
EDM workflow software
IBM, IBM Software

Electric protection
Electric protection accessories
Line-interactive UPS
Off-line UPS
On-line UPS
Surge protectors
UPS management software
UPS network adapters

Graphic art
Graphic print hardware
HP Inc.
Graphic scan hardware
HP Inc.

Industrial computing
Industrial PCs and servers

Packaged specific memories
HPE, HPE Networking


Acceleration hardware and software
Symantec (Blue Coat Systems)
Analog modems
HPE Networking
Audio and video servers
HPE Networking
Bandwidth management
Aruba Networks a HPE Company, HPE Networking, Symantec (Blue Coat Systems)
Bridges, gateways and routers
HPE Networking
Cache servers
HPE Networking, Symantec (Blue Coat Systems)
DSL modems
HPE Networking
HPE Networking
Emulation and virtualization software
DataCore, Esker, HPE (3PAR Data), HPE Networking, Oracle (Xsigo), Propalms (Pano Logic), VMware
GPRS, Edge, 3G and 4G modems
HPE Networking
High availability
Aruba Networks a HPE Company, HPE (SGI), HPE Networking, McAfee, Symantec (Blue Coat Systems)
Aruba Networks a HPE Company
IP cameras
HPE Networking
ISDN adapters
HPE Networking
Load balancing
HPE Networking, McAfee, Symantec (Blue Coat Systems)
Management and supervision software and hardware
Aruba Networks a HPE Company, HPE (SGI), HPE Networking, HPE Security, McAfee, Splunk, Symantec (Blue Coat Systems)
Network adapters
HPE Networking
Peripherals servers
HPE Networking
Powerline communications
HPE Networking
Print servers
HPE Networking
HPE Networking, Symantec (Blue Coat Systems)
Remote access servers
HPE Networking
Scanner servers
HPE Networking
Aruba Networks a HPE Company, HPE Networking
Test products
HPE Networking
Transceivers and repeaters
HPE Networking
Wireless access points
Aruba Networks a HPE Company, HPE Networking
Wireless network adapters
Aruba Networks a HPE Company, HPE Networking

Original spare parts
Original spare parts
HPE, HPE (3PAR Data), HPE Networking, HPE Security

Dot matrix printers
Ricoh (InfoPrint Solutions)
Flatbed scanners
Laser printers
Ricoh (InfoPrint Solutions)
LCD monitors
Line printers
Ricoh (InfoPrint Solutions)
Ricoh (InfoPrint Solutions)
Photocopiers (standalone and connected)
Ricoh (InfoPrint Solutions)
Thermal printers
Ricoh (InfoPrint Solutions)

Barcode readers
Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions
Cash registers
Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions
POS terminals
Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions
Receipt printers
Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions
Smartcard readers
Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions

Professional video
Digital signage
Fixed projectors (more than 6 kg)
High performance projectors (more than 5000 lumens)
Professional LCD screens (tunerless)

HPE Security, Symantec (Blue Coat Systems)
HPE Security, Symantec (Blue Coat Systems)
Carbon Black, HPE Security, Symantec (Blue Coat Systems)
Aruba Networks a HPE Company, HPE Security, IBM Software, KeyIdentity, KeyIdentity
Content filtering
Aruba Networks a HPE Company, HPE Security, Symantec (Blue Coat Systems)
Aruba Networks a HPE Company, HPE Security, Quantum
Aruba Networks a HPE Company, Carbonite (Double-Take), HPE Security, McAfee, Symantec (Blue Coat Systems)
Intrusion protection
Aruba Networks a HPE Company, McAfee
Log analysis
Aruba Networks a HPE Company, HPE Security, Splunk, Symantec (Blue Coat Systems)
Secure mail
IBM Software
Security appliances (UTM)
Aruba Networks a HPE Company, HPE Security, McAfee, Symantec (Blue Coat Systems)
Traffic management
Aruba Networks a HPE Company, Cassidian (SkyRecon), HPE Security, IBM Software, Symantec (Blue Coat Systems)
Traffic monitoring
Gemini Data, HPE Security, Splunk, Symantec (Blue Coat Systems)
Virtual Private Networks
Aruba Networks a HPE Company, HPE Security, McAfee
Vulnerability management
HPE Security

Added value
HPE, HPE Networking, HPE Security, Quantum, Symantec (Blue Coat Systems)
ASP and xAAS
Colt Telecom, CommVault, F5 Networks, GTT, HPE, IBM SoftLayer, Interoute, Microsoft, Oracle, Trend Micro, VMware
Financing solutions
HPE, HPE Networking
Colt Telecom
Infrastructure outsourcing
Colt Telecom, HPE, Ixia, Microsoft
Colt Telecom, Microsoft, Synacor (Zimbra)
Offsite and online backup
Colt Telecom, Ctera Networks
Security as a Service
Ctera Networks, Trend Micro
Aruba Networks a HPE Company, Citrix, CommVault, Dell Technologies Wyse, HPE, HPE Networking, HPE Security, IBM, IBM Software, IGEL Technology, McAfee, Microsoft, Oracle, Quantum, Red Hat, Splunk, Symantec (Blue Coat Systems)
Warranty extensions
Aruba Networks a HPE Company, HPE, HPE Networking, HPE Security, Quantum, Symantec (Blue Coat Systems)

Access infrastructure solutions
Citrix, Esker, IBM Software
Application servers
Citrix, Esker, IBM Software, Oracle
Communication software
HPE (SGI), IBM Software
DBMS and associated tools
IBM Software, Oracle
Electronic commerce software
IBM Software
Knowledge management software
IBM Software, Information Builders, Oracle, SAP (Business Objects)
Mail and groupware software
IBM Software, Xinuos
Management software
AVOB, Carbon Black
Office application software
IBM, IBM Software (Lotus)
Operating systems
Programming software
HPE (SGI), IBM Software (Rational), Oracle
Test tools
IBM Software (Rational)
Web servers
IBM Software, Oracle
Web services
IBM Software, Oracle

Backup software
AST (Plasmon), CommVault, HPE (3PAR Data), IBM Software (Tivoli), Quantum, Veritas Technologies
Data management software
Carbonite (Double-Take), CommVault, DataCore, Gemini Data, HPE (3PAR Data), IBM, IBM Software (Tivoli), NetApp, Quantum, Veritas Technologies, VMware
Fibre Channel controllers
Fibre Channel hubs
ISCSI servers
HPE, HPE (3PAR Data), HPE (Nimble Storage), HPE Networking, IBM, NetApp, Overland-Tandberg, Quantum
HPE, HPE (SGI), IBM, Overland-Tandberg, Quantum, Quantum (Adic)
Magneto-optical drives
AST (Plasmon), HPE
NAS servers
HPE, IBM, NetApp, Quantum
Other storage hardware
Gemini Data, HPE, Pure Storage, Quantum, StorageData, Tintri
Packaged CD readers, juke-boxes and writers
AST (Plasmon), HPE (SGI)
Raid controllers
Raid servers
HPE, IBM, NetApp, Overland-Tandberg, Quantum
Removable storage
HPE, Quantum
S-ATA controllers
S-ATA harddisks
SAN controllers
HPE, IBM, Quantum
SAN hubs and switches
HPE, IBM, Oracle (Xsigo)
SAN servers
HPE, HPE Networking, IBM, NetApp, Overland-Tandberg, Quantum, StorageData
SCSI and SAS controllers
SCSI and SAS harddisks
HPE, IBM, Quantum, Quantum (Adic)
Tape drives
HPE, IBM, Overland-Tandberg, Quantum, Quantum (Adic)

Cleaning products and supplies
Removable disks
HPE, Overland-Tandberg, Quantum

Telecommunications (IP)
HPE Networking
HPE Networking
Music on hold
HPE Networking
HPE Networking
Phone and voice-over-IP
HPE, HPE Networking
HPE Networking

Thin computing
Thin client accessories
Dell Technologies Wyse, HPE, IGEL Technology
Thin client software
Citrix, Dell Technologies Wyse, HPE, IGEL Technology, Propalms (Pano Logic)
Thin clients
Dell Technologies Wyse, HPE, IGEL Technology, Propalms (Pano Logic)


Value added services
After-sale consulting, after-sale service, architecture design, audit, authorized training centre, brand-dedicated sales staff, BTO, business plan help, cash-and-carry, co-marketing funds, configuration help, customer loyalty program, dedicated contacts, demo products, demos, direct shipping to final client, e-commerce site, e-mailing, export service, extranet, fax mailing, field sales staff, hardware connection/cabling, hardware installation, hardware tests, help with specifications write-up, hosting, hot-line, information newsletter, lead generation, logistics, maintenance, manufacturer certifications, meeting room, modeling, newsletters, on-site maintenance, on-site quote, on-site training, online forums, online order status checking, online ordering, personalized help, personalized shipping, practice development, pre-sale consulting, product catalog, product loan, product search, project management help, project monitoring and control, project-dedicated sales staff, regular special offers, remote installation, repackaging, retail-dedicated sales staff, return-to-base warranty, sales help, seminar centre, shipments tracking, show-room, software customization, software tests, special offer lists, specific preparations, standard exchange, stock taking back, system integration, technical deployment, technology watch, telemarketing, telemonitoring 7/24, thematic catalogs, training centre, transfer of skills, trial products
Financial services
30-day payment, advance payment, automatic transfer, bank garanty, bill of exchange, cash, cash on delivery, cash with order, cash with trade discount, cheque, company security, credit card, credit insurance, deferred transfer, delegation of payment, draft, factoring, financing solutions, leasing, letter of credit, part payment, personal outstanding, personalized terms of payment, promissory note, short-term financing, term of payment, transfer, transfer of debts